Anthem Game (console/PC)

That was between me and you…



Full 19-minute video from E3.


Im in love…

Looking forward to this. Any ideas of a beta?

Absolutely no idea when any form of Beta might be available, but I’m still eagerly keeping an eye on how this progresses.

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30 minutes of gameplay - walkthrough with the developer

Been announced today that post launch story content will be free.


Latest video from Pax West.

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Demo coming this Feb

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At least we’ll get to try before we buy!

If the demo is at least ‘solid’ then I’m all in.

I fucking loved the Division and this is similar, but with mech suits and space aliens.

New gameplay

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Really poor quality, could not really make heads or tails out of that. Could try the demo if it is out in Feb…

Got an invite to the closed alpha. Signed up for the 2pm to 5pm (CST) slot on 8th Dec. So that equates to 8am to 11am GMT.

Anyone else got an invite?


Yes, yes I do!

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Fuck my pc might struggle with this.

Also I was signing up on my phone and it’s fucked up. Hopefully I can still get this to work later when I get home.

I tried on my phone. Don’t bother.

I signed up for that same time. I’m assuming it was for the 8th?

Nope but just signed up, be a good test for Shadow.

But it appears I fugged up with picking times ooppps