Anthem Game (console/PC)

No all the railgun to the face even more so when the storm is raging

Also killing the last boss doubles the end score.

Dam it! I hit download.


19.7 million run, highest to date. Not watched it yet but will do later. Might give us a clue on what to actually do


So basically, do NOT calm the storm at all, just use the orbs to regain stability.

Mash everything to a pulp, then do the crystal.

The inner room with the symbols, have 2 dealing with mobs, then others sort out the puzzle.

That’s as far as I have watched. Also do it in a different order to what we know.
Calm the storm if someone drops as a last restore

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Jeisus that one person is annoying sounding.

So they do a few together. Then one goes to kill waves at the boss(does that for half an hour). 2 other finish some bigger places and the other two are doing all the sideshows.

I can’t do these. I figured out the longer you can kill stuff without resetting the storm the more points you get, but by the time I get to the third area my gpu is has gone blind…I can’t see half the area, no effects, no movement apart from players, no enemies…which is weird cos testing seems to suggest that it’s just the driver, but it ain’t

I had to upgrade my 970 for this. It runs it as hot as the sun


Good to know, thanks Hammy

Hammy actually had a resolution for the worlds energy crisis with his tiny solar generator, but for the sake of some flying around with pewpew he replaced it.

Shame on you Hammy. Shame on you.


Saying that spoony, my old rig was old as shit too. It was due an upgrade

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Don’t you bad mouth the i5 2500K. They were fab.

7 years ago…

It’s still running away in my old rig. Wife is using it for work

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Running my Plex mediacenter here. And also an Assetto Corsa server when I pull my finger from my arse and actually set it up.

Great chips.

Check the temps… pump up your fans if you can.

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Anyone about this evening for a run?

Sorry fella, I’m away on the road today and tomorrow. Might be on tomorrow evening, depending on what time I get back to Waterford.

Bit of agod roll here, finally making me change out my trusty winters wrath!