Antlion release a Wireless ModMic


And I really want one!!

ModMic Wireless


I’ve been hovering over the order button for a day now…

I dunno If I can justify the £109 price point, just for convenience of it being wireless :tired_face:

But I really want it lol


I’ll just leave this here:



Fl3xxxo got that…


@Jester You’re a git!

@BlackRaven Ooooh really? How does it sound to you ? I already have and love the ModMic 4.0


Fuck sake the reviews are so good and this doesn’t help matters…

-Sound quality is slightly improved over the 4.0 wired version. NOTE: there is less bass in the voice compared to the ModMic 4.0

And I see a LOT of pictures with it attached to the Sennheiser HD600/HD6XX… Like it’s a sign or something.


Come and listen to him. Not that it makes his english any better :slight_smile: