Any camera experts in the house? (X-T4 vs A7 III)

I do know my way around a camera, and there is a chance that I could treat myself to a proper piece of kit in the very near future. I’ve been reading up on stuff - and I’ve narrowed it down to 2 models… and now I’m completely stuck.

I can’t decide between a Fujifilm X-T4, which is a more recent, retro styled, powerful mirrorless camera that uses a APS-C sensor but also does 4K@60FPS… verses a Sony A7 III that is a couple of years old, is generally awesome but has less features than the Fuji but does have a full frame sensor.

Stupidily, as it bares no difference to the image quality… I love the Fuji more because of its styling :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone got any experience to put their two cents in?



I have no clue. But I also like the look of the fuji one.

Firstly I know nothing about these things… Would you be using a lot of add ons (lenses etc). I would be looking at the pricing and availability of those for each in case you are going to be getting some later on. I’m getting the missus to look at the specs of these things and come back to you on it.

I’m heading toward the Fuji I think because of the colour representation and all round features. Sony is amazing and some people swear by Full Frame and won’t except anything else - but for the media I’ll probably be using it for, the smaller sensor will be fine.

I’m sure I’ll read something in a minute that’ll completely change my mind though lol

Well she had a look at them. Has had a Sony and a Fuji. “Depends on what you want to do with it. If you don’t mind that the Fuji is not full frame then you could go with the Fuji.
She would take the Sony because of the full frame and the ISO range being larger the sony sensor also uses the Bayer pattern.
On a personal level she finds the colours on the Sony to be better than the Fuji, specifically red. Note that this is from previous cameras she had and that is going back a few years.
Btw with that kind of money you could just get a Canon or Nikkon.
She is a Canon user at the moment.”

Hope that helped(not at all when I read that).

The Nikon z6 was an option but ruled out. I’ve had canons before and fancy something different.

I agree that Bayer processing is important because it is handled better in Adobe Lightroom. There are ways around that though.

I’ve read mixed reports about the ISO between both cameras. I think the concensus is probably both are really good.

Full Frame… ahh - yep better. But does have drawbacks too… namely size,weight and lens price.

Nope, still no nearer deciding. I think I need to visit an actual shop.

Thank her for the feedback and thoughts :blush:

Are you likely to be doing more of telephoto/macro or wide angle?

Bit of everything really: some street, wildlife, landscape. Do love macro work too. Not so much sport. Would like some video options too.

Full Frame all the way, every day. I still use my trusty old Canon MkIV.

Typically other problems are more relevant than the main body of a camera. Do you already own gear from that brand or another? Will existing lenses fit? What about the ecosystem? Sony has a wide range of lenses whereas Fuji hasn’t, and 3rd party lenses are rare too.

Similarly, try the two cameras in the shop, the menu system can make a huge difference. I really like all the manual buttons on the Fuji with easy access to the most used functions, lovely when you shoot mainly, or a lot in manual mode (like me).

After that ask yourself what are the features YOU NEED and which of these features each camera has, for example 4k @ 60Hz.

Full frame tends to have better dynamic range and better noise than the APS-C counterparts. So is low light performance important? Autofocus is another big one, but depends on your preference. If you want to use the camera mainly for product photography, for example, you wont need super accurate AF. If you wanna shoot fast moving objects it would be useful.The XT4 comes with 20fps thats pretty nutty. Weirdly enough the Sony seems to have more focus points, which typically indicates better AF.

Back to the use case, if you like to do super wide angle landscape or street photography a FF sensor is better as you get better use out of your, hopefully FF certified, lenses. Especially for wideangle a FF is a god sent and you need the fitting lenses. Chromatic aberration, darkening in the corners and so on are very common for APS-C lenses on FF bodies.


Well, I am - randomly - getting an older (but still new) Fuji X-T2 - which I want for its colour range (not HDR, it’s muted filters that it is known for). I’m getting it at a very cheap price (like over £300 off an already low price, with lens.

I need to get back into photography a bit - I know what I’m doing with manual controls, but it’s been a while - so this makes good sense to have a small street camera that I can take everywhere and play/experiment.

The camera I REALLY want is the Full Frame Sony A7R IV - which has just come out, but with a lens, you’re probably talking about £3500 - 5000 depending on setup. I could stretch to that eventually… but it’s a hell of a lot of money.

The “R” in A7R stands for resolution - it’s a 61 million pixel camera. I don’t really need that. The standard version of the A7 is only version III. It’s been out a few years now and is missing certain feature that the A7R IV has - like animal eye auto-focus (well, it has it, but its a new algorithm and I’ve seen videos and captures and it’s amazing). So basically at some point in the next 4-9 months I imagine the A7 IV will be released… and that’ll be the camera I will hopefully want. Won’t make the Fuji XT-2 redundant, because that has certain image characteristics that the Sony doesn’t. Bit hard to explain… like the HDR, sharpness, DoF… everything on the Sony is amazing. Truely professional. But the Fuji has an oldskool style to it that’s unique…

Looking forward to really getting into photography again… :smiley:

Thanks for everyone’s input - it has really helpful :slight_smile:


I really like the styling of the Fujis and Leicas. They feel oldschool “analogue” but with modern technology inside. Definitely something I wouldn’t sniff at if its inside my photogear drawyer and would show off proudly.

Especially having a smaller body can come in handy and if it looks that gorgeous like the silver version of the Fujis … . Sony really pushed the envelope over the last years whats possible in DSLRs and mid sized bodies and revitalised the market quite a bit. A 61MP camera is fairly insane, given all the other features.

My passion died down a bit since I got to Italy, mainly as I was locked inside BUT the last shoot at the archery competition was lots of fun. Trying to get that special shot just right is still a big rush and seeing people loving what you worked hard for is the best reward.

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Finally got to pick up a Sony A7 II today… and… I prefer the Fuji for handling, weight and features. So even though it isn’t full frame and hasn’t got as high ISO, I think I’m going to stick with Fuji for a while - especially as I want something that I can literally take anywhere and everywhere. For my budget, I can get better lenses - which whilst I get my eye in, will do me just fine.

Down the road, if this is something I pursue properly, I’ll probably get a Sony too. Because I think the native picture quality is incredible. Each camera serves a different purpose.