Anyone about this evening (17th Oct) for a game?

Anyone about for some Titanfall 2, BF1 or BF4?


Depending on the power up here, I might be on GTA v if anyone fancies it

Just lost power here, so that’s a no from me :slightly_smiling_face:

GTA V sounds good…races/heist if we have 4

More up for the coop side of things than races.

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Plenty of missions we can do instead if thats your thing

ahh well don’t own that one…

Anyone shooting shizz tonight?

Probably not. Getting bored of r6 and arma if I’m honest and last night’s gta games didn’t fill me with joy either.

Need a new game but nothing jumping out at me

I am available for any of the three in the first post

Can do BF1 or 4. Just have to make some food etc first. and orcourse finish work.

Anyone up for some BF1 tonight? I am out on Friday and I would like to try some of the new operation maps (obviously will only play Vanilla if that is all that peeps own).