"Anyone gaming tonight" thread

So, anyone gaming tonight? (Tuesday 31/10/2017)

Hell yes.

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Bit later on. Just having home made chilli beef

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Small change of plans. Be on after watching star trek

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Note to self, wash hands after chopping chilli before going to the toilet


ill be on or r6 if anyone fancy’s it

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Anyone about for games tonight (3/11/17)?

I am available for Titanfall 2, Battlefield 1, The Division and PUBG.

Have had a break for a few days and might have another days break, maybe a few more since I have people around this weekend for mini painting.

I’ll see what has arrive from my paints order and if the primer hasn’t arrived I’ll jump on an see whats going.

Destiny session tonight if anyone is game. I’ll be about, trying to shoot shit and get phat loot.

I’ll be on the usual - ARMA/R6 - Might look at loading other games…

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ARMA 3 o the Scarlett Insurgency server and sprinklings of R6.