Anyone know owt about Shadow?


Just wondered. Haven’t read into it yet, just wondered. :slight_smile:

Never heard of it myself.

Strangely enough, I’ve just signed up for a month to give it a test. Just gotta wait for activation. Although browsing through Reddit, seems a lot of people giving I good praise.

I shall report back when have done extensive testing, if anyone can suggest any benchmarks to test lemme know.


Okay so I’ve been using Shadow PC has my main PC for a week now!

I need to do more game testing but what I have tested has been great.

Destiny 2 runs at what I believe is maximum settings at 1920x1080 I had a few drops to mid 40fps but mostly 60+ and even 100+ at times, some slight noticeable slow down, but I believe this was during the 100+ to 40+ drops… I’m gonna test at 60fps cap over the weekend.

I have on average 23ms ping from the Shadow PC and around 25-30ms to the server in Paris ( choose Paris Orange server… So lower than 60ms round trip so I haven’t felt any noticeable input lag (Bare in mind I am primarily a console gamer) and no packet loss unless my home internet is being hammered.

I myself have a 350Mbps Down and 20Mbps Up connection and run the Shadow PC app at 50Mbps setting, but I’m going to do some testing at lower bandwidth tests… Most people I see have between 30-70Mbps and use the 20-30Mbps setting absolutely fine.

USB+Bluetooth devices work flawlessly (mouse and keyboard) no sound issues… On the beta version of the app they have USB Over IP for other devices be it some controllers/wheels/flight sticks and external hard drives (External drives will transfer based on your upload speed)

I still have a lot to learn and a lot to test.

The hardware you get is:

GTX 1080 or P5000 (Once assigned you always get, they can no longer add more consumer cards so any future upgrades will be Quadro’s


Intel Xeon E5-2667 v3 3.2GHz 8 cores 4 Threads (Or you could get the older 2.1GHz cpu as they are in the process of upgrading these but the CPU changes each boot)

256GB SSHD storage (1TB optional for £2.95 p/m extra)

The hardware will upgrade over time with no change to subscription fee - £26.95. Also no commitment rolling 1 month sub with 14 day refund policy.

If you have any questions, I’ll try my best to answer. If you want to test for £16.95 for the first month:

Referral Code - PHIYZUPS

Oh and the Shadow PC connects to 1Gbit Down and 100Mbps up speeds.

Edit - Oh and I’m currently using the Shadow PC app on my Media Server PC which has an 8th gen i3 and 4GB DDR4.

I’ve used it on my Nvidia shield TV to play some Throne Breaker and have also used on my mums old laptop i3 4005U HD4000 iGPU with 4GB DDR3.


Tis the future.

How does games work? Do you just log into your say origin account as normal and download it to the shadow peecee? Or do they have selection of games included?

You rent a full windows 10 PC. So yeah download any of the gaming platforms, sign in and download you go.

Here’s an image of the app running in windowed mode…


I can see the logic in this, but I also struggle with the maths.

I was trying to align it to my current purchases of a Ryzen 1200 with a mobo and 16GB DDR4 RAM. That cost me £300.

At £27 a month for Shadow, that comes in at £324 a year

Now, my upgrade didn’t include a GFX card, monitor, keyboard, mouse, hard drive, PSU or operating system. However, even using Shadow, you’d need to buy these regardless in a slave machine, with maybe the exception of the GFX card.

A Ryzen 1200 vs a E5-2667 v3 is marked here:

Whilst the Xeon chip is multi-cored and multi threaded - which makes it more suitable for Shadow to use it in a virtualised environment, it doesn’t perform as well single threaded, or as a qc compared to the Ryzen 1200. That’s not to say the Xeon chip is bad, it’s not, it’s a great chip - but only if you have full access to it. Most games don’t utilise all cores or threads on a CPU. Some only 1.

So in my mind, buying a PC is still a better deal than a streamed service. Except for 2 things:

  1. The GFX card. 2) upgrading.

So first of all GFX Card. If they are offering virtualisation of actual 1060s, then the equivalent cost is between £200-300. Which does mean you’d make a saving over a year. So fair enough. Not a massive saving - and 1060 cards do vary considerably.

Secondly, if they are moving to P5000s - well, those cards are about £1500 each. If you get the whole power of one of those, then it is a great deal. But I can’t only imagine there is some clever VM tricks working… although I don’t know how.

Ssying that, you could still pick up a secondhand card, capable of playing the latest games at 30-60FPS+ for around £100… so is it that much of a saving?

  1. The upgrading is the big thing here. If they keep on top of hardware requirements and upgrade regularly, then I can see the benefits of the proposition. It is like never owning a car, but renting it and changing it to a newer model every 3 years. The difference though, in my humble opinion, is that hardware specs vastly outweigh software demand. My i7 2600K could still run the latest games. That’s from 2011. You don’t need to be at the forefront of technology to run games… and that’s where I think they’ll have a problem.

That’s my opinion, have I completely missed the point? I agree with @Scottyboy, it is probably the future. But is it just yet?

Just read back what you wrote and I think it answers whether you have missed the point.

If you are into PCs and enjoy the hardware side of it, then this isn’t really for you.

If you read Jes’s post and thought “What the fuck does any of that mean? I thought a P5000 was a microwave and an i7 was a phone, but PC gaming looks fun” then it’s for you.


Jes is great. Viva LA ZiiP.

(I am aware I went from 1st person to 3rd, then to 5th person in this post)

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Surely then, just buy a PS4? I mean - Have you seen the screenshots that @VirulentPip has posted of RDR2? They are incredible. I’d buy a PS4 just for that game.

You can get a PS4 with RDR2 on 12 months finance for £249 from Argos.


The card is a GTX 1080 not 1060, they were 1070s earlier in the year so already upgraded.

You can buy a dedicated box called the “Shadow Ghost” to play from which is £109 (once released) and uses roughly 30x energy than an equivalent gaming PC.

Obviously this isn’t for everyone… But I got my current gaming PC on finance and while paying off I also upgraded my GPU and changed my case.

The amount for Shadow is less than what I was paying and at the end of financing some stuff was already outdated. So for me this way makes sense.

But being able to jump from device to device is also a bonus for me and it’s quite seem less too.

A PS4 is indeed great value for money, I wouldn’t have one if not…

Obviously this is early days of me using Shadow, but the fact that I’ve not turned on my gaming pc in like 5 days is amazing imho.

Well, 1080’s make a massive difference. Must have misread that. So fair enough - it’s a pretty good deal.

Only a nitpick, but that comparison is the wrong chip :stuck_out_tongue:

Well that’s google being shit.

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I just noticed I’m a dummy… Not sure why I added the Ping showing in the Shadow control panel stats and the speedtest haha… My overall ping sits around 30ms.

We are now affiliated with Shadow. If you are thinking of signing up, please use the link below:



Shadow Black Friday Deal, use voucher code: BLACKFRIDAYUK for -50% on your first month’s order.

Shadow Website

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Tell me if I’m sounding like a dick or something @Jester , that 50% off is great! However by using my referral code it’s not too much of a difference like £3, but I also get £10 off my next month so anyone using it would help me out too :slight_smile: I didn’t want to mention it when I first put my code on here, cause didn’t wanna be that guy haha




@VirulentPip why dont you re-imburse the said £3 and still come out £7 cheaper on your next month :wink: everyones a winner!

I was looking at signing up for Bulb energy, who a few of my mates are with. They do a £50 referral code. So new subscriber and the referrer both get £50. My mates started a bidding war. Offering me a share of their £50. Think I got it to £30 back from one of them. To be fair I did a draw! so happens the guy willing to give me £30 back won. Cries of fix rang out.

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