Apex Legends


Loving it!! For a Free to Play title that was well hidden and not in “Early Access” is pretty unheard of now days, apart from the odd server disconnect at the end of a match (No biggy still puts back into party) it’s pretty damn polished too :slight_smile:

I have a 15min clip from PS4 that I need to chop up and I’ll share this weekend, had some epic firefights, well they felt epic at the time, they might be mediocre when I watch back haha.

Being FP2 I’ll be jumping between PS4 and PC for this, my spare time is sporadic though, just add me on Origin and I’ll see what I can do - VirulentPip1989


Hahah I was planning on putting a new tread about this since Adrock shot me down.
I like it, maybe a bit too fast for me(old man). We did win one game with Fl3xxxo and a randomer.
Been playing with Cobaas and Fl3x mainly.


Played a few games. It’s ok. Didn’t grip me much. Don’t have my eye in for these games any more it seems.

Will play it on and off but br games are getting boring as. Nothing different. Now if it had titans I’d be all over this.

you fired first :P

You were pressing for the discussion to be about the game, and the bf5 thread went nuts when it tried to combine discussing bf5 with discussing EA/Dice/the larger industry/the past/battlefield not being what it used to be, so i figured demarcate along that line. Not being able to remove the top dozen or so posts to another thread i figured creating a seperate thread for the game specific discussion would be the way to go. I referred to the bf5 thread to allude to that and was probably too vague in doing so, which is why i’m providing this unnecessarily specific explanation of my actions and the underlying thought process here.

How do you like it compared to pubg/where does it differ for you, beyond the visual aesthetic?

@VirulentPip same question but w/ regards to fortnite, which i think you’ve mentioned playing in the past.

I think the movement is bothering me more than anything else. To me it just feels a bit janky and imprecise, though i also get that a bit with pubg (or wherever it’s movement was at when i last played) and destiny2. If i compared it to bf5, where things can go a bit weird but largely feel more responsive/precise i think i end up with ‘i prefer awesome 90% of the time to okay 100% of the time’.

I like Hammy’s suggestion. Maybe titans don’t unlock until there are only a few teams left. They could be dropped, or fall if you like, from orbit. In groups of 3.

I still feel like having a game-mode as a genre/title defining feature is weird. it was weird 20 years ago when Quake 3 Team Arena launched as a separate title to Quake 3 Arena and i don’t think i’ve gotten past that yet. I’ve no issue with the premise of it as a game mode, i just think it should be something added in alongside other game modes, which some of the shooter franchises are now doing. I think AL skirts round that issue by being F2P though, and there’s probably a workable model where games make a specific mode available F2P in support of a more premium paid for title (which i think is how Fortnite’s working). So maybe this will end up being a bit like that.


This. I was thinking something similar - It’d be a great twist on the BR genre. Be your choice if you go in a Titan - you might get mauled , or you might dominate… or just make yourself a massive target.


Faster movement, more variety as there are more attachments etc. The abilities bring in some more squad play elements.
I like the autoswap of attachments. There is more vertical movement as well with the flying and such.
Now I’m kind of happy that I can’t wallrun as that would have made this too fast for me.
PUBG is still the king as it is more ARMAesque.


I actually prefer it to both, I have PuBG and Fortnite also both on PC and PS4. But I find this so much more fun.

And to me fun is all that matters.

But yeah plays and runs awesome on both PS4Pro and PC (Via Shadow)


@BlackRaven i was wondering about the vertical element, but figured with less grappling and wallrunning it might not play out. When it was leaked i also had concerns about the movement being too fast as that (and the corresponding riciulotwitch aiming) was what stopped titanfall games lasting too long with us (until the inevitable PvE mode revival) but i guess it’s just slipped the wrong side of where i’d like it to be balanced.

@VirulentPip dammit, i originally ended up with a full paragraph for that question explaining i hadn’t specified pubg because i wasn’t sure if you played much of it, and that it wasn’t some assumption that you’re whatever the internet deems a ‘fortnite player’ to be. And then i removed it because i was all ‘that’s way too many words to cover the possibility of causing offence, just say ‘same question but for fortnite’ and that’ll convey what you’re enquiring about’.

I just got a popup for the forums ‘nested self-quoting’ achievement. Woo!

yesterday i experienced the sweet irony of watching a playboy model presenting a news article naked on the gaming industry being worth however many billion dollars in the US and sharing her thoughts on how that money might be better spent on more deserving things, completely oblivious to the fact she also works in a consumer focused entertainment industry.

What i mean by that is, I agree, think everyone should feel that way, but have been made aware by idiots that they don’t.


I did not really play Titanfall myself. Got TF2 on the origin access and I’m liking the singleplayer(still have not finished it). The wallrunning on MP would kill it for me. Even BFV feels a bit too fast paced for me these days.
I know is just me being a bit lazy and not concentrating on the game fully. We will see how this Apex is when I have a few scoops in me. I will most likely hit my shots better as with every shooter :blush:


I found the TF2 campaign to be great fun. the first one didn’t have a campaign beyond playing the multiplayer maps in a certain order. to the extent that the last map has a really cinematic intro every time you play it.

pvp multiplayer you’re spot on, the speed means after the first month everyone is either really fucking good, or has stopped playing, or were playing the titan-only modes. That happened with both games. But both games had a belated PvE mode that was good fun because the enemy aren’t pilots and there’s an abundance of titans to blow up, and the speed works the way it does in the campaign because it’s never being used by someone else against you.

I find BF5 a bit faster than BF1, but in my head it’s down to the trenches. they’re less prevalent in BF5, possibly because there was less trench warfare in ww2, or maybe because they need to be manually constructed and can be blown out. The result is significantly less hard cover so less time/space to think.


So lets put a video here so people get some info.


6 kills nearly 1.2K DMG… 2nd place … Savagery. 9 squad kills total… One guy we had to respawn twice, I blame them for our failure :frowning:


Played this on PC now.

REALLY like it. It feels very slick and fast, and has that Titanfall smoothness to the shooting. Honestly going to put some hours into this every now and then on PC if anyone’s game


Tried sniping yet. Just waiting for you to say that you don’t like it when you have 30 or so kills on the board. :slight_smile:


Never gonna let me live that down are you?

The peacekeeper is a beast. Most of my kills so far have been with that


Just found the gold shotgun Mastiff in an unattended supply drop!! Thing is a fucking beast and also ended up winning first game with it!


Got my first win, long bow dmr and R301 together, did SO MUCH DAMAGE!


if your about this afternoon i’ll jump on


Got distracted. Probably be dabbling on this after work most nights so I’ll hover on discord


Another W in the bag last night … Out of all the BR’s I’ve played… It’s nice to actually start getting wins :slight_smile: