2FA is a great security feature to protect your details from hackers trying to access your accounts.

Unless Apple do it. Then they provide the 2FA key on the SAME device that you are trying to access.


Good job Apple.


how many registered devices do you have? Mine go to my phone if i login on my laptop, ipad, or desktop, and to my laptop or ipad if it’s to login to my phone.

Macbook, Mac-mini and an Ipad.

It should have gone through my Ipad. Normally it does on normally login… but I was going through the Apple tech support site so It is probably just a bug in that particular section.

i wonder if it sends it to wherever you most recently authenticated; so as you’re logged in as you on your laptop (rather than your browser/their website) it’s sending it there.

Having thought about it, I can’t be bothered doing the amount of trial and error required to determine if that’s the case :confused:

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