Apple Music is actually pretty good

I’ve been a long time user of Spotify Premium, thanks to a good friend providing remote family access, until Spotify clocked on and stopped it… More recently, I’ve been using Tidal as a premium provider to work alongside my Plex media server.

Then I got a new mobile. It’s on EE. It comes with 6 months Apple Music.

Now initially, I was skeptical. Mainly because iTunes is an unintuitive bag-o-shite. But my hand was forced when my Plex server went down with issues the other day - and I wanted some music. So I loaded it up.

I’m really really pleasantly surprised. I don’t have an iPhone - I run it on an android app. It is really fluid and incredibly in sync with my music tastes. Stuck a recommended playlist on last night of some Dance classics - and it had loads that I had completely forgotten about.

Sound quality is good. Available library is huge (I have noticed that Spotify and Tidal don’t have everything on them - for example, Radiohead In Rainbows isn’t on Spotify and Snow Patrol Empires isn’t on Tidal. Apple seem to have everyone.)

Colour me impressed.

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