Arma 3 Cold War DLC


Totally missed this. Dont know much need to know more.


Cold War! Love the Cold War!

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big map, three factions. made by 2 guys, one of whom works for one of the other bohemias. the update to support the launch is out (1.3gb patch), then you have to buy the dlc i guess.

it’s 15.29 though.

20.88GB download.

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It was the 1.3Gb update that prompted me. One for the weekend perhaps.


Did any of you guys get this?
Loving the idea of a Western Europe Map :slight_smile:


Not yet mate. Got a busy run in with Uni up to Mid June. So will probably pick it up later. Defo want to give it a blast though


Good luck with the Uni Scotty, with any luck my youngest will be off to Uni too this year :slight_smile: