ARMA 3 - Mods, Modes and all things

Thought it was worth starting this up to get a bit of variety to our ARMA 3-ing.

I’ve been stairing at a few mods for a while but the extras/packs/mods/packages you need for many of them are so large it is off-putting but I’ve nutted up and started installing ‘THE ALAMO

Like you said, Captain. We do that - we all earn the right to go home.

What is The Alamo?
Based off the classic Paras mission from I44 and heavily influenced by the movie Saving Private Ryan, The Alamo is a defense mission where the player must set up defences and defend against a German counter-attack until allied reinforcements arrive.


  • Dynamic mission w/ custom parameters & variables.
  • Spawnable friendly A.I.
  • Authentic & Realistic WWII weapons and vehicles.
  • Singleplayer compatability.
  • Custom respawn script & medical system.
  • Custom movement script for better vaulting,

Servers hosting the mod!
Have a server and willing to host? Let me know!

The scenario is a 98mb download through the Steam workshop. Requires:

  • CBA_A3 - 2mb
  • Faces of war - 1.2gb
  • CUP Terrains - Core - 3.6gb
  • IFA3_AIO_LITE - 1.6gb

5.5gb total download give or take.

If you find a scenario or mod you wanna try out with other peeps maybe follow the rough format I have and post up a short description, which platform you get it from (Steam Workshop, A3Launcher or 3rd party) and the other packages you need to make it easier for anyone else interested.

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I’m all for this sort of thing, if its just a single file. I cba/get annoyed when I need to download a few things just to play a game. Thats why I stop playing on a lot of exile servers because they kept adding in different modes. Annoys me that a mod of a game needs mods to play.

Saying that, this sounds interesting and i might give it a go.

I’ll dig out a few light weight ones as well that don’t need all the extra guff. The way I’ve justified the extra guff downloads to myself is that a lot of the other mods I want to try need these packs so it should mean I have to download less later.

Couple of light weight mods that I’m going to grab and try:

“Prep” Work

5mb Steam Workshop download, no other mod requirements.

Liberate the Blue Pearl Oil Rig in Pyrgos Gulf from the AAF to pave the way for a NATO invasion.
This mission can be played in Singleplayer or CO-OP (8 Players).

  • Features:
    • Semi-randomized Replayablity
    • Curated Virtual Arsenal
    • Open World Scenario
    • Civilian Hostages
    • Room Clearing
    • Progressive Task System
    • Cinematic Air Strikes
    • Easy Hold Action System
    • Multiplayer Revive System
    • Well Decorated Map
  • Recommendations:
    • Play with team-mates, unless you are pro
    • Set number of dynamic lights to “Ultra” or higher with mods
    • Set object view distance to at least 2000 or higher to enjoy air strikes
    • Play on a desktop for better frame rates, unless your laptop is powerful

[SP/CO-05] Operation Desert Panther

<1mb through Steam Workshop, no other mod requirements.

As an Infantry Squad Leader, lead your team to destroy an enemy comms base in order to effectively rescue hostages from the town of Abdera.
Survive. Adapt. Win.

This is my version of a mission created (on the fly w/ MCC) by SSgt Valentino of the 15th MEU Realism Unit:

After watching the following video by Jester814 (Link at bottom) , I felt compelled to play this mission, so I set about building it. Thanks to Jester814 for his Arma 3 videos and editor tutorials.

  • Mission includes =BTC= Quick Revive, allowing you to revive fallen team members by using first aid kits.
  • BTC Quick Revive works in Multiplayer and Single Player.
  • A Player or AI Unit must have a first aid kit to revive another player.
  • The only way to heal someone to 100% is by a medic with a Medkit.
  • Unlimited save games for single player
  • Virtual Arsenal
  • No mods or add-ons required - Subscribe and play
  • Focus on immersion
  • Zeus

I’m making missions that I love to play. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
If you enjoy the mission, please rate, comment, and subscribe to my other missions as well.

Installing some stuff, apparently

downloaded prep work and desert panther.

I tried the IFA WW2 thing before. Was ok, (I havent played that mission, just the stand along IFA MOD) Wasnt that impressed with some of the modelling.

Will need to plan downloading those big files for an overnighter sometime, as Id be up for trying that mission.