ARMA 3 - 'Warlords' now LIVE

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Just yesterday I started the update I’d had paused for a while and got three separate multi-gig updates followed by some big 12gb mofo - I’m guessing it was this?


mine says 1.9 GB Big Al :slight_smile:

yep 1.9 for me as well.

Wtf is this 12 giger then? :confused:

Its got to be closing on 100gb by now…

Did you play it yet Madman?

Sounds quite interesting. A bit like pvp but with more bots, and maybe less armchair commanders.

Not yet scotty, could be good for a ZiiP night :slight_smile:


@vredesbyrd @adrock @Jester @MadMan @Hammy @anyone else who may want to try this out.

Speaking with adrock last night and this sounds good fun. Maybe on Sunday might get a blast if anyone was up for it?

Didnt want to hijack the Dayz thread which reminded me of this for some reason.

I am unsurprisingly up for this, whether it’s fucking around against AI or finding a server to play on.

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Sign me up Scotty :slight_smile:

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Out all day Sunday on the beer for my birthday but definitely up for this at some point

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This is loads of fun, basically Insurgency with sprinklings of PVP.

Definitely up for more of this!

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Some changes in a recent update after a bit of community whinging. The main changes come in the form of a TK penalty system, cost adjustments for the abilities/gear/ai/vehicles/etc and changes to the way the sector scan works.

The main one that really has an impact is the sector scan. It now costs 350cp instead of 50, there is a short delay, it has a shorter duration, it doesn’t track things in the same way but this is tied to difficulty with more or less tracking and it can now be switched off.

The TK penalty system is warnings followed by a timeout followed by a kick but I’m not sure how far it goes. It has so far only encouraged TKing rather than do anything about it - though I’m not sure how much of a problem it was before having only been blue on blue’d once or twice but since the change have been shot at and actually killed by friendlies several times.

Need to give this another whirl. Didnt start well with it.

I felt the availability of vehicles was a bit much. Think id prefer some more restrictions on them.

They seem to have reduced the costs, at least based on how many more vehicles there now seems to be, especially air units. I was getting nuked by gunships and flattened by the various APCs so often. One thing I’ve noticed is that Tanks do not seem to be popular - they seem to get nuked really, really quickly.

I loved my tank when I played it. I just drove it and let the ai do the killing. Will definitely give this some more time over Christmas

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