Arma 3

Yep, me too.

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Dust of the old sniper Hammy. Wee bit of jungle jogging.

Been looking for something to get me back on the pc. This could be it.

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Co-op with 14 players… an Army of ZiiP yomping in 'Nam :slight_smile:

Mighr get Arma reinstalled. Maybe a wee bit escape actionnor wastelands to get back in the swing of it.

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My Wastelands character is probably underwater in Linhaven with a Launcher on my back lol


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Many folk on?

there were 7 when i checked my Character Scotty, but then its weekday daytime.

Thats way more than I would have thought for a weekday daytime!

Saw this the other day via BI email & thought “ooooo, please let other ZiiPsters be interested in it!!” Really looking forward to some time in the Nam with everyone :smiley:

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Started the download. So fully plan to have a wee play about this weekend again.

Depending on things might get on Sunday.

This free dlc or workshop download?

Its not out yet Hammy…

What do you fancy Scotty…

Its one of these bohemia backed dlc. So better than workshop content.

Dunno. Maybe a bit wastelands. Maybe all.

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I have re-installed. Fancy something different. Hopefully not jogging simulator.


You know there will be jogging!