ARMA III - Adventures on Wasteland [Armajunkies #4 Server]

So, a group of us have been on here recently. Typically like ARMA Wastelands, we go around, we camp, we build a base, we get bored etc etc…

Well - we’ve got a bit of a mission going on… so if you’re still playing, consider helping us out…

** I know this section is public, but it is only a game… **

So a lot of the players have shown their tags - playing as ** [DFT6] ** and they’ve got a base on the South West island from which they launch multiple jets from. We’ve taken out a few, but now I just want to make their live’s hell.

Over the past 2 days, @Scottyboy and myself have sneaked around the hills of their base with Static AA. We attacked last night, hitting 2 planes as they landed/tookoff. This afternoon I jumped on in the middle of a gunfight and managed to steal £40K from under the noses of the enemy from dead bodies.

Here is there location:



we’ll discuss tactics on TS.


Did you get the static AA back? I hid it.

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Nope @Scottyboy I didn’t, but I am still in the area. I managed to pick up a satchel charge (that I used on their base to no avail) and a PCML with 2 missiles…

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Possibly the best hour or so play tonight ever… observing from our hill, we saw a chopper come in to the middle control tower to the airfield. Decided to observe. Guy was moving cargo from a hidden stash to the chopper. As he left, we fired 2 AA - Direct hit, kill.

Ran down to see the stash - massive. Lots of gun, rockets, mines, ammo. Shift the crate to the nearby forest and hid it, whilst also taking some mines out and mining the area around where the crate was hidden. RV’d back up the hill.

Few minutes later. BOOM. 2 injured from an APES mine. Their mates come to recover them in an APC. Lucky @Scottyboy was with me on the hill with a Titan AT. Wooooooooooosh. BOOM.

The enemy get back to the area. Try and rush us on the hill… we take them both out. They know we are here… time to evac. Just as @adrock arrives with a boat that he’s been sailing for about 5km from the next island. Textbook.

I won’t say where we now are… :wink:


It was very satisfying Indeed. A well planned and timed hit and run mission. With precision rescue and evac from @adrock . Also @MadMan putting fire on from different angle kept them on their toes.

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Im about all day Sunday if people are up a longer session.

for the record, it was almost a 5km jog to the boat, and when i set off from harcourt my map marker destination was 10.5km away. It’s definitely not coincidence that i arrived as you fell back south.

WAAASTLEAAAAANDS! <lies on hill motionless for 40 minutes>


Can I say, last night was a lot of fun! Really enjoying this again. Last nights fire fight was great fun, and pretty well worked by us with flanks, fall backs and very good call outs.

Yeah - that was awesome.

I’ll capture and load some video later… especially that 1.1Km Titan missile… That felt great :smiley:

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I didnt have the best of nights but was enjoying the it anyway. It is still a hit or a miss. If there are things to keep us busy, if not then we need to go more on the attack to missions etc. Try not get suckered into camping and waiting on the next victims.

ZiiP beasting on Arma Junkies:


Fucking loved that - didn’t kill a bean other than a couple of AI - but the teamwork was perfect.

DOMINATION!!! :smiley:

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All I did last night was run out and die so you knew where the shots where coming from.

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Aka: Usually Vred’s job! :smiley:

Should be on tonight after coming back from watching Thor

I’ll be out possibly until 12/1am unless the place we’re going isn’t as good as it’s been built up to be.

Any one about today?

Yeah, can be - what time you thinking?

I’ll be on in about 30 mins

i shall be on momentarily