ARMA III - Adventures on Wasteland [Armajunkies #4 Server]


On now



The spot I was sniping from when those guys in the Tigiris got us:


That is it for me - completely done with this game now.

Simply not possible to do the stuff some of these guys are doing without either insane rigs pumping out high and stable FPS or exploits. I’m utterly convinced it’s a hardware or exploit advantage.

I’m beyond done with trying to enjoy the game when you have people who play like these guys do when they have these sorts of advantages.

I love playing with you lot, but I’m just completely sick of this bullshit cycle of kitting up, making a tiny amount of progress (Not even fucking killing any one - just completing a fucking mission) and then getting wiped out only to repeat the process over and over again with one in every 20 games feeling properly fun.

Fuck Ecid and McAwesome, fuck Wastelands and fuck ARMA.


they’ve all played on that server for hundreds of hours.

I think we need to appreciate that while we would like to find a server we can run about on, setup ambushes, caches, maybe a wee base etc, this is their server and they’ve already done that shit, and they’re better at it than us. If we want to play there, we need to accept our role as the grunts that they get to repeatedly mow down.

McAwesome i guess is this guy:

which looks like these videos are him (as the battleroyale servers are in his history):

looks like he’s running 1920x1080 and getting some good performance, which probably helps.

I really wish more people would give pvp a try :confused: it has it’s own variety of asshole (the much-maligned armchair commander), but they’re easier to ignore and there’s a much better teamwork:bullshittery ratio.

Or we could just finish baphomet if that’s still possible (arma updates may have broken it :frowning: )


I still don’t mind Wastelands, even after last nights bullshittery (that’s a word, dammit spellchecker)

PVP is good - I can get into Wastelands quicker in an evening though. I’d be up for giving Epoch/Exile any look - even just to break the cycle a bit.


Could never get In to PvP. As for epoch/exile don’t know if I have the time to invest into them. I loved them but all the bits I loved (base building/raiding) take a lot of time and on some servers aren’t even aloud. Oh and that fact that you need 7500000000000 different mods to play a mod of a game annoyed me too


Not willing to accept there isn’t monkey business going on in some way shape or form and I’m not willing to subject myself to what is essentially degredation of enjoyment. I’m done with that server and those players, probably as done with Wastelands as I ranted about in the previous post.

I’m not childish enough to think no one is better than me, but I’m not stupid enough to witness the way these few players take down all of us, even other players who are equal pains in the arse completely unhindered and it not be without some form of exploit with duping for gear and cash or fooling the spawn system in to predictable local spawns.

They play a lot, but no one comes back that quickly, so heavily geared to any part of the map at will like they do without something fucky happening.

I’ve seen this sort of shit before when we ran the DayZ servers and it was almost always the result of glitching or cheating (how often did we visit the magic tent for example?), it is just made worse by the fact that they do play well and choose to play like predatory fuck knuckles intent on ruining the time of everyone else on the server because it makes their dicks twitch.


That is that post done with. Sorry to everyone for such negativity and sorry to Adrock in particular if my response seems like I’m trying to direct any kind of ill feeling at you - not at all my intention and sorry if it came off that way.

On a different note, I’ll have a crack on PVP again if for no other reason than to mix things up a bit - who knows, I may even find I end up enjoying it!

I’m also up for Baphomet which I’m pretty sure I still have installed.

Also up for any other flavour of ARMA to see if I am really done with ARMA and it’s many inconsistencies and bullshit of it is just that server/that mode/those players.


I was thinking much about last nights play. The problem is and always going to be like Adrock says, amount of hours people have clocked up. Some groups have bases well fortified and set up to provide them with safe spawns, and well stocked ammo supplies. It makes it difficult for those with less to get on and prosper. Case in point the base overlooking Tanouka and Vagellelalla, they just kept spawning there, stocking up with AT taking out anything and everything that moved. Think I was saying it last night. Base building is a pain. Its something I have no time for. Personally would like to see it not in the game, or at least server wiped every few days or something. To give everyone a chance. But then I only found out about toolkit hacking so maybe there is more to the game than I have really considered.

Aged old problem with wastelands. Is it gets tiresome real quick. Repetitive missions, grinding money, same players. But I do enjoy the combat has to be said.

As for PVP. Totally with Adrock. Some people take it way too seriously, I block them out and just concentrate on my own groups concerns. Try and balance out against whats going on the map. Hold points. Attack points. Ambush roads. For me had best games of ARMA on PVP.


didn’t take it that way at all vred, no worries. pvp is better with a group, so give us a shout if you fancy trying it at the weekend. it can be a slow start but like scotty says, for me it’s provided my best arma moments.

wastelands is probably one of my least favourite arma 3 experiences; i’m mostly in it to play games with the rest of you.


This is why I love ZiiP.

I’ve ranted, you’ve tried to help me see reason, I haven’t but you’re still totally cool with it.

Christ you’re awesome and ZiiP is better for you being here.


aw, cheers bud, you’re not too bad yourself :slight_smile:


Just having a quick look into arma 3 mods, and I did not know that there is over 33,000 mods for it! Not all game types but still that is some amount!


There is a Star Wars and Halo mod I’d love to try.


Even seen a Jurassic Park Mod, though it just puts in different scenery and no dinos.

I could be up for some epoch or exile at some point, but we’d need to make a sort of plan on what we are doing in them. Small base and gear then raiding would be my idea, but then we need to find a server that allows base raiding.


I’m all for trying out some more DRO or DCO missions if anyone’s up for it. if everyone could download RHS and CUPS (a fair chunk of stuff) there’s a huge amount of content on the workshop built around them. there are other frequently used mods (ryands zombies and demons), but they’re the ones most folks seem to like using because they give you real-world contemporary weapons.

another issue is that arma gets pretty frequent updates so a lot of the content out there will no longer work as intended, and unless the author is still maintaining it, they’ll not get updated and slowly stop working (our escape from tanoa is in this boat).


What was that Spec ops one we tried Adrock but got dropped about 3 km out to sea? Would give that a go. Escape is getting boring again, it could do with an update. Could be tempted into trying some battle royal mod.

Ive a load of ideas for what i’d like in a mod but dont have the skills to make.


that was a DRO (Dynamic Recon Ops) that messed up our spawn because our objective was on a small island. that’s as much my fault as the missions. That’s available for all maps and i believe there are versions supporting CUPS terrains and CUPS or RHS weapons. It randomly plots you some objectives based on parameters you give it. We’ve had varied success in the past; sometimes the start and end basically involve a foot slog, because we’ve lost vehicles or failed to bring them with us. There’s also little in the way of looting; you can take whatever you want to start so gear really shouldn’t be an issue, apart from some folks carrying too much stuff. I’m more than happy to give them another try. They’re also missions only so there’re no mod faff.

There’s also Vipers Tooth that Scottyboy found and we tried a few time that I’d happily give another blast to.


I’m up for trying them out. Wednesday suit?


Just had a look at that. Not been update since July, so might have broken with the last updates