ARMA III - Adventures on Wasteland [Armajunkies #4 Server]


I’ll be up for a new game if we find one, have to say though twitchy Close Quarters isn’t my bag anymore.
Epoch is a different game to when bashed the crap out of a buggy Beta version of the game.

I do love the though of sustained attack on others Bases though no matter what we play.

I do remember with fondness the old days of Wastelands on Altis, numerous Ambushes and battles :slight_smile:

Dayz worth another look?


sadly not, it’s very pretty but there’s just not content there beyond what’s been there for years at this point. It’s fun for a day or two to get some gear and survive long enough to try and meet up, but then there’s really not a lot else to do.


Sad state that the stand alone still has less in it that the mod did what 5 years ago?


The last time i played i had to look up a glitch online to shoot myself in the head with a bandage while trapped in terrain under the building i logged out in.

they’re just too slow. they’re trying to get everyone excited about their beta launch, as the beta phase will eventually have mod support, but it’s been ‘just around the corner’ for at least 9 months. they’re getting a lot of hate for it and have chosen to ignore it and keep going on about their loyal fans (the guys still trying to defend them on steam reviews). They’ve not mentioned the standalone server release for maybe 18 months now, so i don’t think that’s ever coming. it’ll get released and opened up for modding half-arsedly whenever they decide to abandon it themselves, at which point it’ll be too late. They can’t be making much money out of it anymore, so that might come before it get’s a ‘finished’ release.

It was a nice concept, and in a decade or so maybe someone with a fucking clue will decide to have another attempt at it and we’ll get to play what DayZ could have been before we die.





Found a low Ping fully populated Epoch Server if anyone wants to give it a go…no Mods to install Laucher does it all for you now :slight_smile:



The official launchers with the game or still one of those 3rd party launchers?


Must admit, I re-installed this then stupidly un-installed it after raging at AI in the single player campaign…


I just joined it via the official launcher as per joining Wastelands, subscribe to the mods and let it install whats required :slight_smile:


I enjoyed last nights quick blast. Maybe something to do with the 4 kills I had in the 1st 10 minutes. But then it got boring very quick. For wastelands you do need to have some sort of objective to do or it does get boring. Might try epoch/exile later, or DRO if anyone fancys it.


The founder team consists of 4 people, our scripter Blain and 3 admins Leanas, m55m, BarcadiM.

After we had to seperate from an other Server as Admin team, we played alot on different Servers, there we had all kind of different experience.
But never we felt to be on the right place, everytime we though something was wrong or missing.

This feeling we wouldnt want to go throug anymore, and made the decision to make an own sever again and we hope that this server is going to be awesome for us and hopfully for you :slight_smile:

We got a lot well known Scripts running on the server, like VirtualGarage, AirDrop, AI-Missions, igiload, r3f, deploy quad or jetski, high loot , revive, bush kit, player stats, BaseRaiding safe/garage/doors), statsbar, and many other scripts aswell as 2 huge custom zones (Sector B mission, Distirct 9 high loot zone) and soon yo will be able to craft vehicle.
Rappeling from building and bases!

What makes us special?

We will try always to give you players the best playing experience possible, what does that mean?
Blain is alway looking for new scripts, that he can do by him self that are fun to use ore make the game a bit more enjoyable
We will ensure that the server is always stable, we take care of a lot of thinks, we cant be perfect but we try to be perfect :wink:
We listen to our community, if you want something to change or new…have ideas of some new possibilities, we will listen.

As for now, we got following Mods on our Server

  • Arma enhanced movement (optional)
  • rappeling (abseilen/optional)
  • exile… :wink:

We wish you alot of fun and good loot on our Server.

Your PlayBox-Team

Blain -(Scripter-/-Admin-/-Serverowner)
Leanas -(Map Designer-/-Admin-/PR)
M55M -(Admin-/-Support-/HP Designer)
BacardiM -(Admin-/-Support/HP Designer)
Tazz -(TS-3 Designer)


Upcoming changes on Playbox-Exile,

We finally introduce our rework of the hole map Altis on ExileMod It’s not done yet, but here a liddel sneak peak…what it will be, to play on our Server.

Playbox SaveZone


Looks interesting Madman, but do they have base raid? Is someone going to get annoyed when I blow this shit out of his base and shit on their loot boxes?


Looks like it Hammy, but Doors are safe so we should be able to blowup walls :), see below…

“BaseRaiding safe/garage/doors”


Got A3 launcher and downloading the pre-requisits for it now.


Enjoyed that tonight. Good fun. I run into those idiots again later tonight. Unfortunately they outnumbered me. But I got Robbsk again while one of the others got me. He piped up about being rubbish or something, and I pointed out that I had got him 5 times tonight (my kills were 5) and he said “think not, look at the score” twat, I said “ok maybe 4” No reply. Hhaha. It was 4 v 2 by my count. Dick.


Robbsk: “Look at the scores we’re better!” - Not sure you know how Wastelands works…


Think they for get that other people’s kills count on the score boards against you.


I may ot not be on the server on my own now. Though my plan may not work as its just restarted.


Looks like they have abandoned the base. I moved a few more of their walls but had noticed on the way in Shadowfox had a locked chopper near by. He logged in, so I logged out. Too sleepy to have a fight fire.


Shadowfox landed that there while were in a scrap. Madman killed him at it. I think its just been left there.