ARMA III - Adventures on Wasteland [Armajunkies #4 Server]


Not Wastelands, just ARMA: HOLY SHIT the campaign is a piece of shit.

It feels and plays like it was made in 2003, with all of the cutscenes and general excuses to take control away from the player, not to mention the SUPER heavy use of scripted evens…I mean, it is all scripted, but fuuuuuuck, it is scripted to the point where I’m wondering if Bohemia think their target audience are also the COD target audience.


the original campaign, apex, or the newest one? I haven’t tried the newest one. original was a bit janky, the co-op is okay but a bit too short.


So then guys… a productive couple of days. Note: The following videos didn’t capture my voice audio, only everyone else on TS.

It all started Friday night when a bunch of guys that were building a base took me out whilst we visited a general store. If they had hid and let us on our way… none of the rest would have happened. Obviously we came on mass to extract revenge and get our injured out. They then rather stupidly moved off to a base that was part constructed nearby - there by revealing its location. A fight ensued for the rest of the evening, which I was eventually killed. I respawned in a nearby town with just a pistol - hid in a shack and called it a night.

So Saturday morning I jump on reasonably early. Scotty was already on scouting around after the previous night. Immediately upon loading I could hear a chopper - very very close… infact, it sounded like it was landing…

So. That was a good start especially as it was one of the same guys from the night before - I nicked their chopper and sold it. We started moving back to Doodstil and heard another chopper! They couldn’t have gone back to do the same thing again?

It would appear so… but this time - with a greater reward!

So now they gotta be mad. Makes you laugh when they claimed to have ‘won’ the previous night’s firefight. Their base - that was a considerable size, is now abandoned. :slight_smile:

Good job team.

But it didn’t end there… @Scottyboy and myself were doing missions and whilst flying around in a littlebird, Scott noticed a small but well made base in the middle of the map. When @adrock joined us later, we thought we’d check it out…

It was locked by a PIN code on the door lock. I thought I’d try a few obvious numbers…

YES! That’s a full base full of gear + base locker.

We came back that evening and raided it… storing useful stuff and selling the rest.

A good day on ARMA I think :slight_smile:


The mushroom cloud from that nuke I mentioned on the Insurgency server:



What a death


Tony Jaa???



Reckon the guy died trying to pull this off?


Going to rush home and jump on Insurgency if any one fancies it tonight?

I’ve been soloing mostly sniping or being a chopper ferry pilot but I’d love to do some proper squad stuff with you guys.


I might jump on it later to mix things up. MIssus is out so will be on after catching up on disco


yeah i’ll be up for that;i can only play so much destiny when the only drops it’s giving me are gloves of the same power level (6 in a row).

fuck you gloves. arma doesn’t need gloves.


Dont give them ideas! it is about the only thing you can’t pick up.


I feel the need to make a statement in protest at what i can now assume is an upcoming arma update adding gloves.

arma doesn’t need gloves. or boots.

this is spiralling out of control :confused:


But the new viper boots add speed to your run and gloves help you in the rain holding your slippy gun


well that’s the feature-set for Arma 4 defined. Ctrl-Shift-W and S to change how tightly you grip your rifle, except in vehicles it’ll be alt and +/- from the numpad for the same. Ctrl-Yx2 to stretch your fingers. Animation makes you stand upright though. And if you do it underwater then you get stuck, drown, and can’t be revived.


I should write up a post about this version of Insurgency because there is loads to it I’ve never seen before, for example it has 3D spotting with ctrl+T and missions that take you to the other islands (although the latter is pretty janky at the start but really fun overall)


That was a good little run yesterday. I didn’t get any screenshots sadly.

We were up near Nandai - sitting on that hill @adrock where we left the other day. Hammy, Vred and myself regrouped… briefly left the area - but then returned upon the start of a Hackers mission. This is probably one of the hardest missions on the game… mainly because of the number of AI and the fact that it is extremely popular with groups trying to nab it.

We were first on scene and took up positions on rocks around 600m away. I set up a spawn beacon which proved to be very handy.

It didn’t take long for pubbers to arrive. A littlebird flew in fast with 3 paras - The littlebird immediately got taken out by the AI ( they had 3 Titan AA soldiers!) So we knew we had company from the North West in heavy jungle, about 700m away and higher up.

We kept silent. Well, I did. Hammy liked attracting the attention of the GMGs. That didn’t go well.

I then spotted a sniper from the para team. I could just see his head at 600m - so I’d get one shot. BOOM. Headshot - However, I had a .50cal Lynx - so now everyone in about a 5km radius knew my location. I second guessed that the position I was in would have been identified by anyone looking at the layout of the area as being tactically advantageous. My sixth-sense told me to check my left (West) - and just as I did, I saw someone taking cover behind a rock. They’d just reached the summit of the hill I was on, but the sound of my Lynx had obviously alerted them and were trying to find my hidding place.

They were 100m away, roughly. My gun had 2 bullets in the clip and was attached with a LRPS x7-x25 scope - NOT what you want when you are compromised close up. I was just about to hit the inventory key to change the scope, but didn’t have time… I noticed that he’d seen me. Scrambling for cover, I rapid hit page-down to get the zeroing down as low as possible… I peaked the rock… clean shot. BOOOOM!. Nothing. Fucking game glitched and I had hit the rock in front of me that I was lying on (hate that). No choice now, the guy knows I’m here… can’t afford the second shot to glitch again, only 1 round in the clip. I stand up, the sway of the Lynx unsupported with a full scope is fucking ridiculous… I just hope the reticule finds its way over the target… BOOOM. Straight through his chest.

Now I’ve got to move. 1 shot with a Lynx and you’ve got to go. 3 shots, and you’ve practically sent Christmas cards to everyone in the area, inviting them to stuff you up the arse. I retreat away from the dangerside of the hill but remain behind some rocks watching the guy I just shot. There were 3 on that paradrop. I glance back at the first guy I shot - he’s gone. Not dead… must have been revived. The second guy I shot I can still see squirming around injured… so he’s waiting for help to. I reload, change my scope to something a little more sensible, and wait. Sure enough… few minutes later - a little head appears… moves to his mate and starts to try and drag him into cover. No chance matey - BOOOOOM. 2 dead.

So, feeling like I am in control of this situation, which I’m obviously not, I return to my original position to get eyes on the Hacker mission (still there, untouched). Vred gives word of an approaching APC. That’s not good. I’ve got about 3 APDS rounds on me that may do enough damage to it to disable it. The APC drives up the hill to the mission… I see it. I range it. I’m just about to pull the trigger…

silent crack. Dead. Fuck. It was the guy on the other hill that had been revived. Schoolboy error returning to the same spot. Someone is immediately on my body - guy I previously killed had got back quick. Maybe they had a beacon. Luckily, so did I.

I went AFK for a bit - returning about 5 minutes later. Upon my return the whole situation had changed. The APC had completed the mission. The guys on the hill had bugged out I think - I didn’t see - but the APC guys had stolen all the money. Now, thanks to our vast experience in this game - Hammy and Vred had preempted this possible conclusion - and Vred had returned to the nearest town with a cashpoint… Nandai. He’d blocked the cashpoint with a wall and taken up a hidden position on a .50 truck in the town.

As I scrambled back to my position to recover my gear… Vred sees the APC. I see it too as I’m parachuting in. They’ve gone for the obvious point and parked around the back of the general store to get to the cashpoint. Dakka Dakka Dakka… Vred opens up… 2 dead! - £18K stolen and banked… loads of gear nicked too, including multiple launchers and SPMGs - and of course, a lovely new APC!

So… now it is definitely time to get the fuck out of the area. We head (slowly) to Harcourt to store the APC in our lockable garage. Pretty straight forward… except for a littlebird that flies over us… 1 para comes out. It’s the guys Vred killed - I guess they want their toys back (It’s Tony and his mate, the guys who base we broke into haha) - One guy tries to fire a missile. It misses. We drive off… as we’re passing the next town, I see the littlebird heading back to pick his mate up. Oh, they’ve left a Titan AA launcher in their APC. “Vred - Stop a sec!”


We got to Harcourt and banked our goodies. Good game guys :smiley: that was fun. :slight_smile:


Wasn’t a long session last night but was a good one. Good team work and experience came into play.


Times like this I wish I was on with you, but I know how shit I am at these things now (especially after my vs AI fiasco a couple of weeks ago!)

Love these sitreps Jes :slight_smile: Keep em coming!


Aside from killing one of the dudes from the .50 truck, I did almost nothing for almost that entire time, being rendered useless with a Zafir but no scope right down on the coast looking up at the objective as the APC rolled in. I wasn’t entirely convinced that they’d be stupid enough to travel the 800m+/- from the objective to the ATM at Nandai because it just seemed like a really obvious thing to do and these guys just didn’t seem that dumb. I was wrong!

I felt so dirty about those .50 kills but I don’t care, they were satisfying.

The .50 truck belonged to one of the many blokes we killed and was left immediately across from the cash machine, looking for all intents and purposes like it was a spawn with no reason to be suspicious - well, apart from the fact that I’d hopped on it after walling off the cash machine and spun the gun to face directly at where a player would stand when they deposit money. They were in such a rush to deposit that they didn’t notice the gun was pointed right at them.

There was enough grass under the truck so that I could get under and slide myself between the back wheels with enough room to see where they’d park and, this is the dirty bit: I could access the mounted gun using the scroll wheel from under the truck.

So as soon as they pulled up and hopped out I Jack-in-the-boxed and had the gun on them before they even had a chance to spot me - it also helped that the one that stupidly jumped out to cover (instead of sitting in the armoured vehicle on the HMG/GMG…) was covering Hammy and Jes on the hill to the North.

The first guy was stone dead the moment I opened up, but the second guy was a complete fluke - I must have clipped him as he was trying to run out of the back door because I found him lay down around the corner of a door frame out of my line of sight. Found him, finished him and then one of them rage quit!