ARMA III - Adventures on Wasteland [Armajunkies #4 Server]


That .50cal at that range would have went through the shop walls no problem. Could have hit him through the wall.


I lose track of the penetration stuff in ARMA - some mods don’t seem to have it at all where some have buildings made from tissue paper.

I think I’m going to try this again and see what Tomfoolery I can pull off.


It should be in all mods as its from the base game. Though its something I dont think is very well known in arma how affect it is with some guns.


In case I ever manage to actually get on, what DLC do I need to be following these server hops?

Ima guess #alltheDLCs


Just APEX I think?

You can’t use certain weapons or vehicles without a few of the others - Marksman and Helicopters dlc I think.

I think there is only one I don’t have.


Anyone up for a game early evening?

There were 61 players on last night and the DTF guys have taken over the usual Island with their Base and a Squad of 10 players!


Yeah, I could be up for another blast… not sure when.


Look what my pc just did after booting up!
Arma is a virus





LOL :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Secured us a free tank!

Having a bit of a mess around this morning, get into gun fight around Linhaven gun store. Manage to kill a few bods. Next thing I know, one of them has gone VIP by the vehicle store at the airfield, then I hear a tank fire up. Was getting a bit pissed off thinking another sore loser bringing a tank to a gun fight. Anyway, evade the tank while it drives around Linhaven and the next thing two players die and the tank goes silent! One of the players being the VIP. I manage to track the tank down. Looks like they glitched it between buildings and died trying to get out. Manage to fix it and get it out. So T100 Varsuk now parked in the garage. Thanks Palle.


I’ve just jumped on.


So two of us (@Jester) driving toward our mission, unfortunately you cannot hear me just say moments before the collision that “nah, we will be alright” and then slight contact and boom!!!


We’re you both driving moulded tnt haha



a) I sound terrible with a cold.
b) That looks like I proper cut you up. I really didn’t on my screen. although apparently I did.
c) I laugh terribly with a cold.



I was investigating the big base near the airfield on the south west island this morning. It was locked down. Someone came back to it though and turned off there base locker. I managed to unlock a wall. Not sure if they realised as I bugged out for now to come back later. Could be a gold mine.


Fog was pretty bad. Manually ranged and fired. Revenge was had.


That was amusing, that was also a good session :slight_smile:


Scotty, Rogue & myself had a great blast holding Harcourt - I laid various IEDs and mines whilst Rogue and Scotty setup emplacements. I died and an APC rolled in that was causing problem… Scotty took care of the APC whilst I GMG’d the survivor…


Here is your IED Jes. I wasnt sure if I should include the pre-amble about late night shopping at 24 hour supermarkets.