ARMA III - Adventures on Wasteland [Armajunkies #4 Server]


Always check your surroundings when attacking. Look at how close they got to me. If only they looked right.

If they had of looked, this wouldn’t have happened!


We absolutely dominated Georgetown last night. We were sat around on Harcourt after a bit of a battle there wondering what to do. It was noticed that Georgetown’s Gun Store had been marked as hostile for a VERY long time - so we made our way over in an armed Hunter. I parked @Hammy in the road parallel to the gun store with a view onto it.

@MadMan flew his drone over, and identified at least 4-5 guys in the area on rooftops. Checking the score page - I noticed they were a group of 8. I attempted to get on top of a gas container to get a better view but was taken out immediately.

I then returned after a brief trip to a vehicle store… and returned with a gunboat. 4K well spent.

Hammy relocated, and with Madman providing intelligence and marking location on the map, we rained down hell in the form of about 140 GMG rounds - taking them out multiple times. Hammy’s position meant that they were mowed down as they tried to flank too.

Hammy then took out most of Bluefor too as they tried to join the action - as shown in the picture above.

I was top of the scoreboard, with Hammy 3rd I think - and the ZiiP Group was way out on top in the squad scoreboard.

We all lived. Job well done. :smiley: - Especially as at the time there were over 50 people on.

Oh - and @Scottyboy: I took out Frojan’s Jet again :slight_smile: and his Helicopter. I have AA parked in my garage.


…and just got my first tactics APERS mine kill (rather than random placement or creating a staged ambush.)

Scott got shot on a hill by 2 guys in a .50 Tactical. I was down the hill near them. One of them ventured up the hill to finish and loot. Managed to shoot him as he was finishing Scotty off (oo-er). I ventured around some rocks to find his mate… suddenly he opened up on me. I retreated to the rocks, and lay an APERS mines on either side the rock. Then retreated to a set of rocks further back…

Wait 10 seconds…


Rage quit. :smiley:


Well, frankly, fuck that server.

They had a bug the other day where everyone lost their banked money. I had just short of 500K - which if you consider the highest - and hardest - mission completion only banks you 25K - was quite a sum of money. Most of the time you might bank 8-10K occasionally.

@Scottyboy started a thread on their forum and they’ve been reimbursing accounts once you provide your GUID. Which I did. However, they only gave me 100K back :frowning:

So I mentioned that and provided a screenshot that was taken a day before the crash - clearly showing my balance. As a player that has played pretty regularly on that server, and the fact that I asked very nicely - you’d think that they’d make a concession…

The response: “No - sry”

Really? It’s a fucking game. Not impressed.


Their admins are cunts. That is well known.


I completely appreciate that they run a tight server - we’ve been there and we know how shit public players can be and the time and effort that you have to put in to keep a server clean.

But there have been some dubious reactions… and this to me, has kind of ruined the game for me a bit. Don’t know if I can be arsed with it much more.


Need to try that new game mode out at some point. Though when I’m on I’m happy to try play anything, bar escape. That just bores me now unless it’s been updated loads.


Only a £100k! wtf are they on about, Surely they have a record of you having more than that!!

@Hammy I do want to try that game mode as well. Need to organise a night and a server.


I posted a screenshot on their forum. No can do according to them. :frowning:


Yeah just popped onto have a look. Very strange. To be honest I think I am actually $40k light. I am sure my balance was about 250/260. But close enough.

Well, its your call. Just need to go get some missions, camp some flags areas and the money will mount up in no time. I like camping.


If anyone is about this afternoon, or later (i may not be), I put a couple of crates in this building near blue pearl. Got some launchers, mines, ieds, couple of decent guns. I was in a rush to save them prior to a restarted so I didn not realise they were right next to storage point! doh. But hopefully will stay there.


Went there - still there. Took a few bits (Added explosives to my storage for quick access anywhere on the map)

Been playing on my own this evening - got a few kills and died a few time (twice by my own mines - wtf ARMA)

It was looking ropey until on the way back to one of my bodies, I heard a huge amount of gun fire down the road. As a drove nearer, a car whizzed by me. Probably them I thought. Looked in the car I was driving for a gun… Fecking AK-U with one mag.

Suddenly, noticed a pickup off road, and beyond it another one that had been forced off the road… Turned off to investigate - Shit - two people on it looting it.

Jumped out to engage… just then remembering I had a fucking AK-u. 1 mag. and ironsights. Shiiiit.

Drilled the first guy who seem to take forever to die. His mate ran around the back of the pickup… and there we proceeded to play ‘kiss-chase’ around the vehicle… with intel on my location probably being given by the injured guy on the floor. Fuck this. I just rushed him with the remaining rounds… and got him. :slight_smile:

These guys were geared. Armoured vests, Armoured helmets, ghillie suit, MK200 and MK18, 3K cash - oh and a packed spawn beacon (thank you - I’ll have that!)

Proof if it was needed… that armour does fuck all in this game. :slight_smile:


Anyone about for a blast this afternoon?


So after getting accused of breaking the rules by Shadowfox… I posted this:

I understand that there are 2 rules on the Wastelands server - No roadkill and No Kamikaze. I understand that roadkilling as running a pedestrian over in a vehicle - No problem there. I understand that Kamikaze is driving or flying a vehicle into another vehicle in an attempt to destroy it. This is where things are a little more vague.

I hadn’t noticed until recently that explosives have changed in ARMA (At least I think they’ve changed - it might just be that I hadn’t noticed :lol:) . In the past, I believe that if you placed a satchel charge, it just fell to the floor. Now, you can attach it to walls and vehicles directly.

This now allows the creation of a car bomb… which I did last night (I pulled up next to a tank in a pickup and detonated the charge. It killed me, it did NOT destroy the tank, but temporarily disabled it) - This action was met with a response of that I had broken the server rules and I was going to get banned. I don’t appreciate players dictating the laws to me btw - that’s an admins job. Anyhow, I digress.

To make an argument for the use of car bombs: ARMA offers a diverse range of factions and weapons. On the highend side of things, if you have millions in the bank, you can afford to have Jets and Tanks that can kill people with smart weapons beyond the visible range of the game. On the other end, you have rebels with rebel weapons… RPGs, AKs, IEDS etc. In the real world, factions that don’t have state of the art weaponry are forced to use tactics like suicide bombs against hardened targets because there no other means to attack them.

I feel this is what this represents in ARMA by using a car bomb.

Equally, a player in a tank with a mine detector would see an approaching car with explosives onboard through their scanner and heads-up display. So they have systems to protect them too.

With that said, can an admin clarify if this type of play is allowed.

Many thanks,



Proactive. I like it.

And just waiting for the “Jester banned for 1 month for admitting to kamikaze”!! lol


Their response:

Please remember that the Wasteland mission is known as a survival-mod. According to this fact, Kamikaze-actions or suicide-bombers dont make sense to me. I´d like to see traps like a car-bomb parked near a road and a nice explosion when an enemy vehicle drives by. I want to see our guests planning their attacks and moves and finding their own tactics to be victorious on the field of glory.
Kamikaze and suicide-bombing is honorless and shows a very low style to play this game. It only results in frustration of those who take this game serious. Thats why these actions are not allowed on our servers. Try to stay alive! If you do things like suicide-bombing on purpose, you may receive a ban.

To be honest, I completely disagree with his sentiments. But I appreciate it is their server, so their rules.

If you want to talk about honour (lol - it is a game) then having jets just indiscriminately bomb civilian cars or completed missions is just as dishonourable.

C’est la vie. I guess.

I’m still going to use car bombs. Just not die in the process. Now I know that Satchel charges attach to vehicles… I’m going to try and run up and attach them - then trigger the 40 second fuse…


We were on the other night - it was after the 10PM restart so not many folk on. We decided to complete an underwater treasure mission that normally rewards you with 25K Cash plus a weapons crate.

I was by myself underwater and just picking up the loot, when someone opened fire on me. I got to the surface with the cash, but left the crate. I then got to a chopper to try and hunt down who it was who attacked… it turns out that they had an AA launcher on them…

Now, I’m not quite sure how I didn’t stack that into the deck… backward rolling a helicopter at reasonably low altitude isn’t advisable… but it certainly allowed me to lose height quickly.

suffice to say, that after that, I picked Hammy up again and we eventually spotted the submarine and killed the driver. We also recovered the crate.


Well. That is the response I figured they would come up with. But at least they seem to have been reasonable in explaining their point of view and not just getting the ban hammer out.

But yeah, opportunity for better use of explosives I think.


Update to ARMA Today.

I like this line in the changelog

Fixed: AA missiles were not effective enough against air targets


Apologises to @Scottyboy, @Hammy & @Madman for losing my shit and rage-quitting that F’in game tonight. Haven’t been like that for quite a while. Started off good - but the more it became ‘who has the largest arsenal of tanks & helicopters’ - it started to get annoying and gave me a headache.

Here’s the ‘honourable’ (ha!) kill of me. He’s camping on a beach with an APC. He’s kills a guy at Doodstil and at Harcourt… I nearly get to him… but his fecking drone cover and 3rd person view are just too OP and makes using any form of explosive frankly impossible.

I’m up for trying their 1st Person view servers if they are populated…