ARMA III - Adventures on Wasteland [Armajunkies #4 Server]


Is it a cunning plan?


A very cunning plan.


or it could be shit


I may think about jumping on…

But not the explosives. Hopefully.


I’ll be on it like a car bonnet if you want to jump on and do some CooP stuff to get the hang of it mate?!


This is a plan. I’ll see how bored I get of tenkz this evenininignigngigigignging. Should be a goer, though. Hell, I need to learn teh mechanics / physics and more importantly the buttons… I suspect shouting “SHOOT THAT FUCKER” doesn’t actually action any pew-pew in game…

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand likely to be about afore too long, @vredesbyrd so keep an eyue on here / discord or bother me via those measn / FB / text :smiley:
Much luffs


Jumping on momentarily Pnatsicles.


I still DERPing nabs on tenkz…

And i need a wee. :confused:



Because I am a childish fucker… I realised you can buy “For Sale” signs at the general store.

So I proceeded to put around a dozen of them around Spot’s base on the south west airfield… and locked them in place :slight_smile:


Soooo tonight… we started a jokey conversation with some guys on the server… talking about bases and such. Remy asked to join our group because we were getting hit up by Frojan in a jet and he said he could help… we declined, but we ventured towards Linhaven where he said he was.

Found him in the rocks by his base. Shot and injured him, as I obviously didn’t know it was him initially. With Angel hiding in the trees covering my ass, I went in for some diplomacy face-to-face. Revived him, and sat down on the rocks to have a direct voice chat.

He sounded German, and was really polite and nice. He rolls with Louis and another guy whose name I’ve forgotten. There base only took a few hours to build up - He said that they found it part built and took it over.

We’re on semi-amicable terms because I reported to them that Shadow and his group were glitch firing into their base about a week ago.

Was quite amusing calling a truce in the middle of a battle. We went off to do our own thing. I wonder though… if we should maybe group up with them. Could be an interesting alliance to take on the likes of Spot and his group… as well as the annoyance of Frojan and his jets.

ZiiP always found friends - and indeed most of you lot - through servers and being nice and inviting them to join.


Note: with a view of politeness and respect to ArmaJunkies - do NOT advertise ZiiP in their text chat on their server. If we do want an alliance, we’ll meet them face-to-face again… that also feels more ‘real’ and in keeping with the game… a nervous rendezvous…


I’m in 2 minds here. I really want to break into their base but on the other hand those dft guys need brought down a peg or two.


whilst breaking into a base is satisfying, their base is tiny compared to ECID/Elgandi’s on the central airfield and Spot/Shadow/Shadowfox on the South-west Airfield.


Well, there were no ZiiPsters on tonight, other than Madman, who left about 10 to 9. Just before he did, Remy sent me a message. I had just killed Shadowfox on the South-west runway as he tried to take off with a prop-plane…

"Darkish… join our squad… now pls… "

Ok I thought. Remy was sound the other night… why not.

I join them. They come on in-game comms… “Look to your south in the trees… :)”

There were 3 of them, hiding in the forest to the South of Spots/Shadow/Shadowfox/Ali’s base.

“oh hai guys” :smiley:

From that point, it was a really fun battle. Spots side lost a blackfish and lots of other stuff. We were doing well hitting their internal tanks and emplacements.

Then a jet flew over.

It was ECID. He joined our group too with his mate Kweyen (that’s spelt wrong). We were also joined by Ric, Sleazy, Comrade.

So I got my Pawnee out, ECID spent time tying to break into the base with Remy via the roof, We had jets constantly bombing them. I think its obvious that we’re never going to ‘win’ when they have a base… but it was just brilliant most of the server coming together to hit them.

I think we’ll probably do it again. All the guys were absolutely sound by the way. No annoying kids - all really good players with really good comms.

I took over an hour of video. I’ll try and edit it when I can and post it.

But here’s a screenshot:


I felt that it was going happen. Everyone getting annoyed by then haha. I am a bit preoccupied with world cup at moment so will probably not be on as much.


What he said. That and Assassins creed seem to be taking my time. Though nice work on costing them some monies!


AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand ragequit.

Died 5 times, I didn’t fire a shot. Saw nothing to shoot at. Garbage


That was PvP wasn’t it? Not Wastelands…


I don’t know the difference… :’(


2 different mods


But basic mechanics don’t change?