ARMA3 Escape tonight anyone? (10th October)

Anyone fancy a blast Escaping from Tanoa tonight?

Yeah - could well be up for that.

Out of interest mate - what’s that Exile Escape like? I saw it mentioned on your facebook feed in the last week or so…

Not played it Jes, I’ve just been popping on Wastelands for the odd hour I get to shoot peeps. It looks to be an ARMA version of PUBG.

Been playing with Land Mining the Gun Stores :slight_smile: Yep dirty Bastard that I am lol

Could be tempted in to an escape, but would have to be on hard with no markers, other wise I find it a bit dull now as it always goes the same way.

I’ll be on from 8ish

we can always try escape altis/stratis/malden again :smiley:

regarding the difficulty thing; the AI were nerfed by Bohemia, apparently unintentionally but temporarily. they have been fixed now, which is why the difficulty shot up. Our most recent runs were done with almost default difficult (adjusted patrol size to match ours). When we were getting good at it over the last year, it was because the AI were screwed up :confused:

I like Malden because i don’t know where all the points are; probably the same with Altis. Stratis i bet i can guess where they’d be due to the size.

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Malden works for me Oh Server Master :slight_smile:

we’ll be on :slight_smile:

more words added…

Not sure if there’s a vanilla thread for Arma III somewhere, but now that we’re back in the UK I’ll download this again and give it another shot, see how I get on. Good to see there’s still something which gets a good draw of ZiiPsters onto it :smiley:

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I think for weekday evening play (like last night), we must have map-markers on… even if they are just the question marks. Can’t be searching an island for a radio-mast in the pitch dark.

Saying that, we did do pretty well. Spent FAR too long on that first island… Think we tallied at least 150 kills there.

What @Hammy said was true though - Playing with no map markers works if you have working UAV. You have to be able to scout manually. The same goes for stealing a plane/chopper from the airfield. If we did that, it’d be less of a hassle.

I prefer it with the marks off, find it more of a challenge, even though the AI are all mini rambos now. I think we fell in to the ZiiP trap of staying too long and trying to kill everything. stealth i think is the key to that game 9/10, esp around towns and places where we know points are.

They need to fix the drones, as recently I cant set way points for them, and you dont get time to fly them plus they are a bitch to fly.