Art of Rally

This is getting a bit of hype, and it looks rightly so. Total retro arcade 3rd person nostalgic rallying. £20 on Steam, but I am wondering if it’ll come to XBox PC Pass.



That just makes me feel like a kid playing with matchbox cars. Love the art style - and it is art, not just in the cars and environment, but also the UI, fonts, colour palette - It’s really pleasing, almost calming.

Love the tilt-shift effect, gives lovely depth.

Might wait for XBOX pass too… but to be fair, £20 is nothing - looks like a LOT of cars/classes/tracks in there.

Looks fun with 10 characters.

I love the old school spectators on the track and the algorithm to ensure they are never hit :grin:

Actually, fuck it, I’m buying it.


You know, I’d love a mod for this to cover 80-90s BTCC in multiplayer. That’d be a hell of a lot of fun in 3rd person in this art style

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Does this remind anyone of an old arcade racing game called “Ignition”?

Ignition the slightly off centre top down view on rather crazy tracks. used to play it split screen with a friend when I was a kid.

and this Rally games art style is great, im super tempted by it, especially if it pops on a sale.

I ended up buying the pack with this and their drifting game for a total of 25 pounds quid.

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I was looking at that drifting game pack. both look fun. Mebbes.