Assassin's Creed Odyssey


OK, this game is big, and by big I mean MASSIVE!! There is Main quests, sub quest of these main quest, then your usual side quests, and then smaller quests that seem to be random, but my change depending on what choices you have made. Then there is bounty quests, and also cultist quests (you’ll under stand when you play the game)

Honestly, this game just gets bigger the more you play it. Read last night some guy has got to level 33 without touching most of the main story (which is bloody great btw) I might do loads of side quests to get my level up a bit before going on with the story.


This game has almost too much going on. Very easy to get lost in what you are doing. Some times I just wish for a straight forward story game with no side quests.


Hahah. That is exactly why I never finished skyrim. Got utterly lost with the side quests and then could not remember what I was doing.


55 hours in and still not even close to finishing this game. No idea how much story is left because it is split in to 4 different parts. Honestly no idea where I am with it all now but I am still loving it!