Assetto Corsa Competizione - Early Access launches

Early Access started today, generally I hate early access, but this sort of thing I can get behind.

Starts with only one car and one track, but getting early access also includes a free 2019 season update next summer.

Here’s the trailer.

£22.49 on Steam. @Jester if possible could you check if available anywhere you’re affiliated?

> Assetto Corsa Competizione

Early Access Pricing, Dates, Roadmap Revealed.

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Linky as requested:

Assetto Corsa Competizione available via CDKeys for £17.99 (Steam RRP £22.49)


It’s looking good :slight_smile:

I’ll be buying next month.


I have updated my media center server here to an i5 2500K with 24gb of ram, so could think about hosting some races once it’s released?


Hmmm, my Fanatec wheel is recognised, but the steering and pedals don’t actually do anything in game. The flappy paddles are fine though, so that’s good. Also CTD when exiting the car and back to the menus.

Early Access eh?

Yeah I remember seeing something about wheels, but was primarily the G29 which is why I was waiting a bit… But gonna buy at the cheaper price regardless. Shame about the CTD also.

Big ass discount - 75% off!

Mate you got me all excited that the new one was 75% off hehe


Moar werdz

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