Assetto Corsa Hotlap Server

I am thinking about reviving our Assetto Corsa HotLap server with dedicated leaderboards and automatic lap time recording. Would take a bit of work as I have lost the SQL schema, but still have the web services and the launcher/parser.

Would I have an audience? I can see @BlackRaven and Flexooo are into their driving games, but I am wondering if the old skool would like to see it back again? @Leepants, @ChEd looking at you…

@Jester, fancy getting your hands dirty with a bit of dev?


I’d be up for it but I only have the base game, no expansions and have not played it for a long time and I’d be playing it on a game pad :rofl:

Yeah, defo up for this. Was a lot of fun - and it really improved my ability in driving games.

Would ge interesting to try. I such at this driving thing… @fl3xxxo see…

I would definitely give it a try.


The server is up, but I need clean and dirty laps to get the data. Search for ZiiP and I hope you will find it.

Go for it ZiiPsters!



Thanks for setting it up. 1:36:1 my best lap so far. Really need to learn how to heel and toe.

This is just set up with the default track and car purely to get some data. Glad you are having fun :slight_smile:

totally forgot to install AC. Will get on it.

Got some data, so am working on the logging now. Have changed the server to a Lotus 2-Eleven at Brands Indy.

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Is there anyway to see what laptimes others have managed?

Not yet. Working on that. The server now writes data to my database in realtime, so just need to get a webpage up to visualise that.

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I’ve got a problem ever since the last update to asetto. The wheel will not work properly.

Server now saving to my database and a web API built to serve the data to the ZiiP site. Yay.

For anyone interested, here is the link to the swagger docs for the API:

I would also like to know who has what DLC so I can pick valid challenges that all can play.

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I have all the DLC.

Deam pack 1-3, Ferrari Pack, Japanese Pack, Proshe Pack 1-3, Ready to race Pack, Red Pack, Tripl3 Pack.