Attempted Hijacking of oil ship in Solent

Ongoing as of 15:43 - I must have had my eyes closed to the news today, apparently gone on for a few hours.

For those that love their Flight24 websites… there is an equivalent for shipping to see what is going on…

Ship is just to the southeast of the Isle of Wight… Currently helicopters and other ships moving in on it.

On a side note: My god I didn’t realise how much shipping goes through the channel lol.


Its not a hijacking

BBC News - Isle of Wight: Stowaways on board tanker in ‘ongoing incident’

Aye, the shipping company has just stated that. Of course, they would say that lol. Surely if there were known stowaways, you’d just dock and let the Police board, you wouldn’t keep it out to sea… logistically much harder to deal with, surely?


Not sure where the ship was heading.

I thought it was due to dock at Southampton

edit: Yep

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Then why the fek isnt it docking? Something dodgeh going on.

Military assistance has now been requested according to the BBC.

2 lifeboats now tailing it on the stern. Military flight radar shows a chinook landing in Poole a short time ago. Could obviously be unrelated.

I wonder what is going on? If they were just stowaways claiming asylum, we’d just take them ashore and process them like we do anyone else that turns up on our shores. Either they are armed, or MI5/SS has identified someone of interest and they aren’t taking any risks.

– edit –

Lets say, for hypothetical sakes, that they had a bomb (or just the threat of a bomb) aboard. That’s a logistical nightmare. On a ship I am guessing filled with oil, it’d make a big bang and one hell of an environmental catastrophe…

Apparently raided and completed. 7 detained.

Just another day for RAF Luton. It’s what they do.


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haha - I just read that. God bless RAF Luton. My home town. So proud. :rofl: :rofl:


9 mins it took the sbs to storm it and resolve the issues



Sounds of hovering helicopters

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Nice one Vred for that precise description.

I tracked the Chinook from Wales and some of the other movements as it happened - turned out to be right.

It’s great to know our SF is responsive but not trigger happy.


Meanwhile, in America:


Helos from RAF Odiham… I spent a week up at that base when i was in the Air Cadets. Loved it. Got to fly around in a Chinook and a Puma when there. Fun times :smiley:


Even I know that is an Osprey and not a Chinook. Jeeeez RAF_Luton, get it right.

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No, RAF Luton is so Black Ops they don’t refer to their aircraft by the correct name. It’s more stealth.

Good to see the in action. Last major tour was at the Black Mesa research facility.