Audio cable help

For fathers day i brought my dad a record player and its great but we didn’t have any spare speakers so he is using my pc ones in the mean time.

We are thinking of getting a sound bar to use with it as it will suit the room its in and plug into the TV to.

The issue is the bar we are thinking about only has one digital optical port on it and an HDMI port. The record player has an Aux out port with a switch for a pre amp ( what ever that is ).

My question is, what options are there for cables or switches to have both the TV and record player plug into the one bar?

The aux port for the pre-amp is usually for running it in a passive configuration behind an AV Receiver like one of these

You can get little converter boxes which could meet your basic needs by converting the RCA phono stereo connectors to Toslink (SPDIF) optical.

I can’t vouch for this exact model, but this should achieve what you need for the record player -

Then you just need to plug the TV into the HDMI port on the soundbar.


Ah coool thank you! I have a look.