Australia passes new law to thwart strong encryption

So, the Australian government have gone insane - Original article.

On Thursday, the Australian parliament approved a measure that critics say will weaken encryption in favor of law enforcement and the demands of government.

The new law, which has been pushed for since at least 2017, requires that companies provide a way to get at encrypted communications and data via a warrant process. It also imposes fines of up to A$10 million for companies that do not comply and A$50,000 for individuals who do not comply. In short, the law thwarts (or at least tries to thwart) strong encryption.

As someone in the comments of the article point out: Strong encryption or essentially no encryption. They’re the options.

Companies who receive one of these warrants have the option of either complying with the government or waiting for a court order. However, by default, the orders are secret, so companies would not be able to tell the public that they had received one.

Hiding their attempts to get their dirty little fingers on to peoples’ data.

However, the law as currently written seems to contain what some view as a loophole. The statute says that companies cannot be compelled to introduce a “systemic weakness” or a “systemic vulnerability” into their software or hardware to satisfy government demands.

So…the law is completely pointless then?!

They’re asking for a backdoor and then saying they don’t want to force companies to include a backdoor…

If governments pursue this line, there will be a ‘new’ internet. It is already being talked about tbh. I don’t mean a shitty darkweb either, peddling drugs and illegal porn - I mean an internet outside of government control, mainly through decentralisation.

Tim Berners-Lee is already working on it I believe.