Automobilista 2

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ZiiP Dedicated server details found here

After days of deliberation and research I bought another Early Access game. Automobilista 2. Holy fuck it is brilliant. FFB is great. You can race 1970s VWs. MK1 Golfs? MK1 Passats? Here, have the keys bro! VW Beetle? You don’t need the keys, you can start these with a toothbrush! Have at it though!

So, to start, I jumped in a 170 Bhp 1970s Beetle (to be fair, looking at the fact they need to last a race and have cooling ducts on the front, I’ll wager they have Subaru engines in them) I headed for Brands Hatch Indy for some time trial action. Annoyingly the H-Pattern shifter didn’t work so I was using the sequential one. Still had the manual clutch though.

Well fuck me with a raccoon’s spatula, I’m currently 3rd in the world. (of a non-released game using a car/track combo that only 11 people have posted times for, but…)


Should have gone for some Clarkson suspense there matey…

Count to 20…


Official release today! Loads of new content.


Awesome! That’s good timing :slight_smile:

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Just to say that Automobilista 2 (AMS2) is still priced at it’s Early Access price of £34.99 for a few days longer after v1.0 release. In my opinion, it’s the best racing sim out there at the moment.

One of the first reviews of AMS2, the guy was scrolling through the hosted servers annnnndd…


Actually, here is the review:

Drama for me is DLC is £80…

Very true, but it is a 2 year season pass. I wouldn’t bother to be fair, just buy the packs you want as they come out.

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I arsed about a little with this yesterday - I found it “boring”. :confused:

Tried MP lobby - it’s a big commitment as it was practice, quali, race. I just wanna go race. Perhaps too early for good lobbies to be about.

This is a sim though Pants. Unless you know the track and the car, you are going to need to some practice and qualifying is part of racing.

The AI is pretty good. Maybe set your own race up?

I found the AI a nightmare! lol. Like a train. And NEVER any mistakes. So one mistake by me, race done cos no way to get to the front again.

I CBA to research ALL the variables to make the car handle better, to change one parameter to lap for 5 - 10 laps to change another parameter, lap 5 - 10 laps… etc. I also don’t have the time to do that sort of thing on a regular basis cos missus would go nuts.

Perhaps a few races would get my fluids going, but I couldn’t find any in a tin top.

You can lower the AI strength to something more manageable.

I never bother with the car setup, I am the same as you.

Hey @Leepants, I have a server running now. Let me know when you can jump on and @Jester and I will run some races with you. I can obviously set the AI level to give us a middle of the pack race :slight_smile:

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Rgr that. Thanks for the shout! :slight_smile:

This is a good bit of kit:

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D/L’d it. Madness taht it’s free. I shall have a good fiddle about later. May be online for some racing - unsure as it depends how much she bitches. :roll_eyes:


Just firing up beamNG to have a derp, then likely be on automob afterwards.

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