Avicii Dies At 28

Just seen this come up on my news feed

Very sad as he was great at what he did . So many great tunes and collaborations with other artists.

Not sure how he died atm but not sure if the life style caught up with him.


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I’m still in shock. So many good tunes, and a lot unknown to the public as him. This was released years ago under his own name.


Very sad news, oddly the first time I heard of this was in a youtube comment that was oddly out of place and not trolling either.

It just said “RIP Avicii” I didn’t realise at the time that it actually was a thing :frowning:

Go-to reason for the rumour mill is drugs.

He was suffering from medical issues though, from what I’ve read having packed it in in 2015/16 citing health issues then having his Gaul bladder and appendix removed in 2016/2017 and recently suffering from pancreatitis and other unspecified aliments.

Regardless of cause, 28 is no age to be kicking the bucket.