Back up/copy job

What’s my best option for the following:

Wife’s work laptop has X amount of files/folders on a drop box folder and I want to run a backup/copy job every night to an external hhd for extra redundancy. 1st job will be to copy everything and then after that it will just be any updated/new files.

My 1st thought was just a copy script but now not so sure. Thoughts??

i use windows backup to dump my stuff to another HD though it’s an internal one.

how big is the laptop hd vs the dropbox folder? It might be simpler to backup the whole thing as once the initial backup is done the amount that changes should be relatively low (and potentially mostly stuff in the dropbox folder).

There must be 3rd party tools to do what you’re asking but i can’t recommend any. I’m not a fan of having to plug in an external HD to back stuff up; I have to for my laptop which hasn’t been backed up for weeks as a result.

Dropbox folder was over 16gb I believe with multiple changes made daily.

Plan is to leave the HDD in all the time. Laptop rarely leaves the house how.

ah you might get away with a small flash drive in that case, maybe a bit less obtrusive? not really sure on the software front other than whatever google suggests.

Don’t copy it to a local disk. That disk has a bigger risk factor than another cloud supplier. As you are using dropbox, use another cloud supplier to sync that local folder to their system. I use google backup and sync to sync local stuff to my google drive. OneDrive probabaly has the same facility. Carbon copy maybe?

Ooodles to choose from.

a local drive is relatively immune to loss of connectivity though, which might be a concern. depends what the concern with dropbox is i suppose.

It’s more just to have another local copy. Every chance this laptop will change again soon and it should be quick moving it from the HDD than the net depending on connection.

I was thinking of physical loss.

Then, yes, a local drive would be the best. Why don’t you have the dropbox local files hosted on the usb3 external drive? Then you have the backup being backed up? It becomes laptop agnostic.

Was actually thinking about doing that like inception Dropbox

Don’t think you can do that - causes issues. Dropbox has pretty good redundancy in itself. I think you can recover most stuff up to 30 days. They’ll have backups of backups.

For me, I backup my home server using Duplicati. It backs up to an internal hard drive on the server itself (so, not redundant to loss, but would be quickest to recover from) and also offsite to BackBlaze - which is FAR cheaper than say, Amazon.

Using Duplicati, has the benefit of compressing your backup to encrypted packets rather than a 1-1 mirror, so it is more secure in storage, as well as quicker to upload. Can also be set to have multiple versions backed up and you can recover files individually. It also means you can set it to only backup changes rather than your entire hard drive each time.

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Cheers all. Will look into Duplicati later.

Get a NAS. Then get a usb hdd and backup the NAS to that. Might be a bit more expensive option than you would like.(I have this).

This is from DropBox themselves:

Just the normal gubbings about it being there when Windows starts and possible errors if you disconnect during any up-time. Even so, as you say, there is potential for issues. Would be the cheapest and simplest option though.

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Ah, they’ve changed it then. Might do that myself.