BackBlaze Hard Drive Stats 2018

So, if you don’t know who BackBlaze are, they are a backup and cloud storage company in the US. I use them as a remote backup bucket because they are a damn sight cheaper than Amazon S3.

Anyhow, they have a LOT of drives in their datacenters - a each year for the past handful of years, they release their drive stats on failures and other information.

This gives a fairly good representation of failure rates, and may influence your decision on which brand of drives you use yourself. Saying that, they are all pretty reliable these days… but it still makes a good read if ‘data’ is your thang.


The other interesting thing about them is that they use a mixture of enterprise and consumer drives so the stats they publish are relevant to consumers.

There are some differences between enterprise and consumer drives but ultimately they use the same tech so I find these stats interesting.

I have already forgotten what model of Toshiba spinning rust I have in my new system but its been good so far :slight_smile: