Bad North



I came across this a while back via RPS (as per usual) and thought "dayum, that’s a nice, cute aesthetic.

A cool little RTS title, where you defend your island (randomly generated) from waves of attackers. You train and level up your units and just keep on defending.

It’s just been released on the Switch, out on PS4 and XBOX360 on August 28th and out for PC later this year.


RPS Article:

Additional video:


Nice find! I’ll have to keep an eye out for this!

I’m getting more and more tempted to buy a switch these days :thinking:


There have been a bunch of nifty little indie titles the last year or so and it’s great to see them coming out.


I’ve been fighting with myself not to.

I’ve enjoyed my time with my WiiU but in hindsight it really wasn’t worth the buy. That and looking at my fairly unused 3DSXL, I’m not sure I should get one.

What keeps bringing me back to wanting one is Ninty embracing Indie, a bit of new IP and them opening their doors a bit more with stuff like Dark Souls Remastered (Personally not a fan but come on, a Dark Souls game on a Ninty console? I would never have put money on that!).

I’m just worried it’ll gather dust like my WiiU and DS mostly have, oh and the price of some games doesn’t do it any favours either (though not everything is silly money - Axiom Verge and others are price-matched with Steam).


At the moment I have my eye on Zelda, Mario Kart, and Super Smash Bros, and now Bad North, the game Naloac linked too!

But yeah what you and @NaloaC mentioned is the fact that they seem to be embracing indie titles, plus it’s like a giant game boy :slight_smile: it’s great to see smaller devs getting the games out there - so I’d have no prob supporting a console that done that

Also Hyper Light Drifter is on Switch, I already have two copies but I’d buy a third since it’s just that good haha


Well lorelai is getting one today for her birthday. She has been wanting one for ages so she saved up about 100 quid and we put the rest in for her. She don’t know she’s getting it so might get her to wait all day for it :slight_smile:


Well, this got released yesterday for PC and just bought it off the Discord store.

Will report back once I give it a blast :slight_smile:


“RTS for people who aren’t very good at RTS” = n0tch.

Count me in. Looks fun. + Vikings

Not sure I like the fact it requires the Discord desktop app to play if bought from Discord. It’s coming to Steam later in the year so will wait for the CaolanReview™ and then wait for Steam.


It’s an interesting little thing! :smiley:

You start off with 2 commanders, who have a unit of swordmen each. For each island you defend, you earn coins for each structure left standing at the end of the map. You collect the coins and upgrade your units, first to either swordsmen, spearmen or archers. Once you have a unit type selected, then skills become available and you can find equipment randomly across maps. These are awarded at the end of a map.

I earned a bomb… then not knowing what I was doing, I threw it on my own swordsmen and killed that unit, leaving my archers to deal with 5 boats of enemies and everyone got slaughtered.

It’s a lovely little aesthetic and the mechanics and pretty simple.

So far, so good :slight_smile:


I’ve just dumped 1 hour 49 minutes into it. Holy shit is it like crack!

You can only field 4 commanders at a time. You can only upgrade commanders in the battlefield at the end of an island, so if you don’t rotate your units, they’re not going to get any better.

Had some crazy close calls with units and almost losing my super pimped out Swordsmen and Spearmen. Spears are amazing at holding choke points, but get annihilated if they have to move.

Beserkers are annoying as they fire a volley of axes at your face just before they enter hand-to-hand combat. So, unless your unit has shields (upgraded swordsmen only), then you’re going to lose a couple of soldiers.

Archers get utterly minced in H2H, but they can fire on the move, so they need to constantly retreat if you’re moving away from an enemy.

You can replenish any unit in the houses located on each map, but this takes about 30 seconds to complete, regardless of how many units were lost. If you’re winning against the current wave with ease, send some units to get replenished to full before the next one lands.

You can get items that allow you to replenish your units, sounding a war-horn summons new troops from houses.

I’ve played through 25+ islands so far and have no idea if I am anywhere near the end of the game.

Awesome little game and well worth the €12 :slight_smile:


It’s now available on Steam with 10% off until 23rd Nov. I am having some :slight_smile: