Battalion 1944 Alpha 0.5


Increased Movement Speed

After seeing multiple feedback threads asking for a buff to movement speed - we are slightly increasing base movement speed by 5% across all weapon classes.

Looks like they are really going back to the old school. If the old school was class of 2015.

No linky as it’s a KS email so not sure if public domain.



I feel that the initial ‘sell’ of this game was completely misrepresented… and the more it is developed, the more misrepresented it becomes.


Just received my beta test key for use this weekend. Doubt I’ll be on.


me too, not sure I will be on as we have decorating to do before carpets are laid


10 months on… The current player base…

Last 30 days. Average Players online: 13

Wow. Just Wow. This particular project seems to be absolutely dead.


Holy cow! I’m highly disappointed but also not surprised at all.