Battlalion 1944 - First Impressions

I had no time this weekend or next due to decorating and getting ready for carpet installations.
Looking at the video, it’s not really for me - just like COD.

I will probably give it a go when I get my true key but it will be a full on rage experience no doubt

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Watched 1st min and that was enough. Looks like a game from the early 2000s with that movement and those graphics. Glad i didn’t put anything into this.

bouncy bouncy bullshit. It also looks fucking dated and nothing like the original ‘sell’. In fact, I feel lied to.


Ok, having watched that video more…

  1. The developers mention that the game will be heavily mod-able. This might be its saving grace. Even back in the days of MOH:AA, we used to play Crow Kings Realism Mod (pretty much every server incorporated that) – it might be the case that a mod is made that creates old-skool realism… namely, removing bunny hopping and dolphin diving.

  2. The game will have dedicated servers which is a good thing. Equally, whilst I described the game as dated in my post above… Would I take ‘dated’ with ‘good netcode’? Yes, I probably would… so if it played well, I am less fussed about graphics and post rendering.

  3. If you can’t be arse to watch the video, skip to 6min 44sec and watch that grenade… where it goes and where it explodes. I appreciate it is alpha… but really? haha.

So I have 80% written this game off… but I will be interest to see if it is modded.


So this does actually remind me of playing MOH:AA and COD original. They were fast paces games, but granted we tended to play Objective. But if we were playing TDM it was this kind of pace.

I cant stand the bunny hopping, but that was a server rule back in the day and offenders kicked. Its a filthy disgusting attitude to playing games today if the game allows it.

I think that this looks ok. Might be a slightly shinier version of games of old doesnt look too dated to me @jester

Not sure if my gaming preference has just moved on from this. Im still thinking about COD WW2 to see if thats the case.

Not impressed. Is he using autoaim?

Seems kinda dumb to me, looks and feels like COD 4 with no strike bullshit. But is that enough to attract players? I wonder who would play this over an old school COD4 server?

Early Access email has arrived

same here…blah blah blah

Just played this for 24 seconds. And I shall not be playing it again. Total pigswill.


Welcome back!


Lol …I tried to play it but the graphics were all messed up and distorted like my card was broke.

Played WarThunder…all was OK with the world again

So… after 3 months of not gaming, I have managed to sit at my desk. Saw this and thought: “let’s have a look at this then…”

Fucking Horrific - would be my best way of describing it.

Bunny hopping with side strafing. Would make more sense if they have jet-packs to help them move. What the hell were the developers thinking? This wasn’t what oldskool gaming was like. Certainly nothing like MOH:AA.


I reinstalled this recently to see if any improvement had been made - over a year has past since my last post.

If I was to previously rate it, I’d give it 1/10. If I was to re-rate it, I’d probably go as far as 5/10… maybe 6/10 at a push.

Graphically, it’s past-gen. But it does give it a slightly oldskool COD (as in original COD) feel. It’s designed for speed. Shading? HA! Shadows? HA!

But it does give accurate hit-box representation most of the time.

It’s pace is fast. But no different to what we used to play. You can quick-scope with a sniper scope, for example.You can bunny hop around corners (once, then stamina kicks in).

I actually found myself starting to enjoy it - certainly for just a quick blast. It is just that, an arcade-style oldskool WW2 blaster.

If you can be arsed, give it a look. It Isn’t insurgency or Hell let loose. It’s defined its own field.

I love a good run and gun, but I still feel the issue is COD WW2 did all this sooo much better.

Yeah, it probably did. They are the masters.

I might have to reload COD WW2 up… if I ever had it. Did I? Nope. But I’m sure I played it. Must have been a beta or free weekend.

Can’t remember.

There have been two, remember. I enjoyed both.

And, yes, it might be fun to have a blast on the newer one.