Battle Chasers: Nightwar

This is currently the game Iโ€™m waiting for most (beside Destiny 2). Funny enough, the relese date is just one day after my birthday :D. Comes out for almost every system! I expect this to be as much fun on a big TV (or my projector :smile: ) as its will be on a PC.

It is an old school turn based RPG (pretty fast for that) devolped by Vigil Games and published by THQ. If you remember Darksiders, this art style might be familiar, for a good reason; same developer and very similar people working on it.

I almost missed it, thanks to Wanderbots playthrough I saw it and fell in love. Seems like a mixture of an J-RPG with Darksiders artstyle and pretty good characterdesign and storytelling. Very meaty combat system and suprisingly fast for turn based too!

This beside the typical goodies you would expect from a j-rpg, lots of loot, lots of skill variety.


That looks pretty wonderful

I started playing this week right away. Its pretty good and beside some weird pacing issues its very nice. Amazing artstyle, good chrachter design, decent story and good UI. I started playing with keyboard and mouse which works well, but ended up using a controller, its a bit more comfortable.

The only downside so far is the weird pacing issue, sometimes your level is a bit too low or your gear is too bad for your level and you have to grind to keep up, other times you one hit everything.

Other problem later on you get all your 5 team mates, unfortunately they all level individual and the party is only 3 people large. I try to keep everyone at the same level as I really enjoy each of the different skillsets, still far more โ€œworkโ€ than it needs to be. You have to cycel them in and out, at least they get a bonus to their expoerience if they are lower level.

Other than that I thoroughly enjoyed my time. Good balance between battle, lore and puzzles. Around 10h played so far, my guess is around third way through.

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