Battlefield 2042

I’ll be on tomorrow for sure.


Heads up! Surprisingly EA has server issues.

That never happens. Next you’ll be saying the netcode isn’t perfect due to the scale of people playing on a single server…


Seemed ok. Took a bit of tweaking. Think the guys found some issues on the portal mode. Hazard zone could be fun.

Well fuck me this really does look pretty!

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I’m really debating to pick this up but I also read that its still a tad buggy and some of the game modes have performance issues. I might just wait for a small price drop.

We have been playing this. Not the BF3 etc modes as Fl3xxx0s PC is crashing on those at the moment. Crashes on the normal as well but not as often. He has a PSU on order so we will see what happens.

I nees to play this again. After last blast I went onto COD and just had a blast. Feels like an effort to play this.

would love to get onto a BF game again with some zipsters :slight_smile:

So you can turn off all the player icons and such in the portal? So it would be like a RB game in WarThunder @NaloaC

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By the looks of it, aye!

Does look like fun.

I got a gift copy of the game, but I have no idea if I can manage to run it on my desktop machine.
I had a look at building a new rig and the price came in at ~€3,600… fuck that shit.

Pay to play :slight_smile: unfortunately I’ve given all my parts to the missus. @fl3xxxo sell NaloaC a slightly used machine :slight_smile:

I haven’t even bothered loading it yet due to the reports of bugs and whatnot. I’ll give it a bit of time to calm down and get patched.

Some pretty cool things inside :slight_smile:

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They just turned off the HUD… So everyone else will still have them if on.

Not sure if option to do such server wide mind.

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Ahhh i see.

Would be really good if no one had them on.

i got it today for ps5 if people are on tonight?

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Most likely. Will have to turn on the crossplay.

You able to use discord on that or?

yeah pc is next to tv :stuck_out_tongue: