Battlefield 3 Revisited

I actually installed this a while back - and I think it had trouble not running or there were no servers showing or something - so figured it had been abandoned by EA. Apparently not.

So I reinstalled today - and remembered a lot of great maps that never actually made it to BF4.

I’ve just jumped on for a couple of games. They were hectic… especially 64 player - but I had fun. Actually less frustrating than I thought it’d be - even though I got my arse handed to me a few times.

Sooooo. If anyone is up for it - get Battlefield 3 reinstalled. I’ll be honest - I much prefer the smaller, infantryesq maps… but I will play anything. I would like it if we could get on the same side when we can as I much prefer these days fighting with friends than against them.

Enemy Boat Spotted!


I got it downloaded overnight, so I’m good to go. Hopefully get on this evening for a test run or two :slight_smile:

I do have more fond memories from BF3 than I do from BF4.

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Was only thinking of reinstalling it the other day, i’ll get it downloaded tonight :slight_smile:

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installed and ready to go…

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I have zero interest in battle field now, though if everyone is in I’ll play for 5 before rage quitting

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I will uninstall BF4 and re-download BF3 - GOD I MISS PLAYING WITH YOU GUYS!

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I’ve eye-balled a couple of low player count servers that we might occupy to get us started.

Can we please not just play that hell hole of a map metro and mix it up.

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I’ve mostly preferred Infantry only maps… Well it depends on my mood I guess, If there’s one guy in a tank that just won’t die, It pisses me off…

I shall definitely get this installed… Let me know when :slight_smile:

I will probably be available for games either Friday night (if I am not too tired) or Saturday

Metro was better on BF3… actually starting in the park.

However, there were other good infantry maps… Paris was one… Grand Bazaar another.

I also like the Close Quarter DLC maps - Operation 925 and Ziba Tower.

Also remember that Sharqi Peninsula and Strike at Karkand were included too.

metro metro metro metro!!



Only in Rush though :slight_smile:

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installed. Ready to go.

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I’ll install it if I can find it. And then find the time to play :wink:


2 or 3 rounds at a time are best. Any more and I’ll think I’ll punch my screen.

It was a good laugh last night. Sorry for the poor squad leading. I had completely lost my bearings on that mountain map! Still, we did alright, pushed a few points, kept the caps where needed. AND we didn’t absolutely suck :smiley:

my head wont allow me to play more than 1 map, though that might have been because it was a snow map.
was a good play though, once i remembered how to run :joy:

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I def think that its a round or two here and there rather than a full night at it. Anything more than a couple of rounds would be frustrating, and imho boring.

getting virgin fibre on Saturday will download then :smiley: