Battlefield 4? Maybe?

I know Reno has been on recently, anyone else? I had a wee blast tonight and quite enjoyed it. Not many servers but a few still kicking about.

Some good moments… (3RD Vid Down my particular favourite) @Angelclaws

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Tight squeeze double kill!

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I’m game still enjoy the game very funny, getting my eye in for sniper

Still got it installed :slight_smile:

I’d be up for some games but its not installed to an SSD anymore so I’ll sit back and watch as all the vehicles are taken at the start of some maps :roll_eyes::rofl:

I’d be up for some BFing

Getting it updated now.

i shall try and install :slight_smile:
@Scottyboy your a git for those videos :joy:


Apparently I last played shooty 4 in late october last year! :open_mouth:

i havent got enough space to install it :confused: would mean uninstalling arma or R6 :roll_eyes:

I’ve still got it installed and up to date. I’ll be on this evening :grinning:

Everyone got all DLC installed?

A good point there Jester!

I just checked and I have everything installed, thanks for the reminder!

Uninstalled. Would take ages to download.

Did someone say Mc Shooty 4? Dooooowwwnnnlloooading

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Defo up for this - will need to download and re-install so starting now… 26GB :frowning:

I won’t make it on this evening, but will make it tomorrow evening for a couple of late-evening games after I’ve finished making a presentation for Monday evening.

I probably wont be on this weekend… got to download/install it

I’m all downloaded! Can jump on soon :slight_smile:

Also downloading. Again.

Everyone has teh expansions?

8 expansions :astonished: