Battlefield V Beta - WIll you be playing?

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Ahhhh I’ve missed a Poll :slight_smile:

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really torn. the betas i’ve done before have not been representative of how the game’s ended up and i’ve not particularly enjoyed them, so i’m quite tempted to just wait for release. But then as with most large games that’s likely to turn into some kind of cluster fuck, so maybe i should bite the bullet.

You can start downloading on 3 September. Pre-orders get in early, everyone else is September 6.

What will the Battlefield 5 open beta include?

The contents of the Battlefield 5 open beta will give players a limited look at the breadth of the full game. There are three main ways you can play:

  • 64-player Conquest mode on the Rotterdam or Arctic Fjord (Narvik, Norway) maps
  • A limited preview of Grand Operations, showcasing the first two “days” of Airborne and Breakthrough modes
  • A five-part Tides of War chapter titled “Shock Troops”

Those are all pretty self explanatory except for the last one, as EA is still keeping many of the details for how Tides of War will work under wraps - saying that each chapter will “focus on an aspect of the era, with unique gameplay experiences to drive players forward.” We do know that completing this chapter in the beta will carry its own rewards, though…

The poll master is back! The alphas just got me pissed off so will have to wait for the actual game and see if someone that is not in EA/Dice pocket to do a review.

@vredesbyrd - is that a NO to the game or just the beta?