Battlefield V - what are your plans?

As the title says…

    1. Already Pre-Ordered
    1. Thinking about Pre-Ordering (looking for cheapest- @Jester)
    1. Undecided
    1. Gonna Wait for Game Reviews
    1. Don’t trust other game reviews, gonna wait for ZiiP Reports
    1. Money is tight, gonna wait for the sales
    1. No interest in this game

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Knowing EA, there will be a beta. If it’s public and open and doesn’t require me to buy a different title to access it, then I’ll wait for that…

Cheapest Battlefield V is still CDkeys


Beta if i can and then make a decision.

If you look at the Battleblog on EA, they show the differences between deluxe and standard

In a nutshell,

Deluxe gets everything, but standard:

Only Pre-ordered

  • Early Access to Public Beta
  • Set of Paratrooper Gear (Cosmetics)
  • Access to Special Assignments
  • Unlock 5 Weapons immediately

No Access for Standard

  • Early Access to Base Game
  • Paratrooper Gear (5 Sets) - Cosmetic - British SAS or German Airbourne
  • Play Through Special Assignments (inspired by true history of British SAS and German Paratroopers)
  • 20 Weekly Airlifts containing 1 customization item

Origin Access Premier ONLY:

  • Unlimited access to all EA’s new PC Releases
  • Get access to over 100 EA Titles (play as much as you want)
  • Enjoy early access to new games on PC

@vredesbyrd - :frowning: was hoping the new way of playing may have appealed

I will wait for the open beta and then make up my mind. My initial impression of BF1 was right, still punshing myself that I still bought it…

Nope. A lot of it looks like its trying to ape the popular/best bits of other games and it generally feels quite cynical to me.

I’ll leave it at this since my opinions tend to upset people when it comes to BF games (Though slating off Dice/EA about BF is the entire reason I’m even in ZiiP…).


You have to always read between the fucking lines with EA.

“Early Access to Public Beta”

Which I read as meaning public beta will be available to everyone, but only those pre-order will get early access to it (probably 3 days). People may misread that as “You only get access to the beta if you pre-order”

It’s a fucking beta EA. Stop trying to sell the hype-train with free hype-candy and just make a game.

That annoys me.

I miss bf2 when there was only 3 guns per class, and no attachments.

Never used cdkeys before - are they trustworthy?

I’ve used them with no problems and I think Jes has had enough dealings with them professionally and as a customer to vouch for them.

We’re affiliated with them - so use the link I posted on the first post I made.

I don’t know them personally, but I know people that do. I know how they are so cheap and where they are based. Never had any issues with them.


seems very clear to me early access is how most if not all publishers word such things.

seems boring to me so rooms for self expression, wiht the mimit gun choices in 2142 i found it very hard to get a class/gun i liked

in my eyes 2142 had everything right for a game in terms of progression, classes, and weapons choices. Meant you didnt have medics with sniper/emr rifles sitting at the back but meant you had enough choice to change a role to suit. Not everyone will agree with that, but 2142 was and still is the best bf game they have made.

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games arn’t like that any more unless you wanna play CSgo or sieg really doubt BF and dice will go back on years of progress

I know that they will not go back. IMHO they are trying to appease too many players. Mr Sniper can have all that, why cant i have that plus my med packs. Its all about balance and 2142 had it perfect. Classes where there for a reason, to balance the game and making sure one player couldn’t do it all.

But that’s a discussion for another time and thread.

If there’s a proper public beta as part of a server stress-test, I’ll absolutely try that out before I put down a pre-order for it.

I got into the Alpha of BF1 and found it was absolutely not for me.

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beta doesn’t matter to me, neither bf3 nor bf1 were anything like their beta’s played, largely down to the choice of maps for them. I remember being unimpressed by them both but I really enjoyed both games. Same goes for both battlefront’s, though they were both admittedly very pretty.

I’ll give it a go; using the cinema entertainment/cost model, I need 10-12 hours of moderate quality entertainment out of it for it to be worth it. I’m more curious about the origin access premier thing; the cost is barely more than a battlefield/battlefront plus a fifa a year, so i’ll wait and see what the finer details of that are before pre-ordering.

Never felt 2142 was particularly balanced in comparison with the others; i find the imbalances when i play comes from team stacking and uneven skill levels, but you can’t really do anything about that in terms of game dev. I wasn’t a fan of bf4’s generic ‘DMRs for everyone’ thing mind, if that’s what you’re referring to.

What is this? I pay the 4 quid a month for origin access. is that the same?

Extactly what I was talking about

it’s the ‘premium’ tier of that they’re doing, 15 a month or 90 a year. fifa and bfv would cost me the 90 in the next year, anything on top would be a freebie (including Anthem).

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