Battlefield V


this is 100% truth!


Also looks like the larger the damage taken, the longer the time before auto healing amount kicks in. 10 seconds is a long time for someone to just hide for 35hp … Medics will be more important than ever outside of “hardcore” mode.


I’m not saying it isn’t a big change and a welcome one in my eyes but they have built it up as something more than a quick tap of a button. They did say you will need to think when to heal, needs to be a bit more than 2 seconds.


It might just be that come full release. Plenty of things will be tweaked :slight_smile:


Hopefully. I believed the way they described it was you need to hold the med kit to get health. Longer you held the more health etc. That just how I thought it was described.


all i ever saw them say is you need to interact with object in the game plus the more length stuff seems to be on non medic revives and what not. Plus i doubt much of with will make much difference for you HC lot anyway as you will die to quick to need healing.


I read it as being the change was so players had to take action to heal themselves so that they can’t rely on medics dropping ktis behind them and medics can’t just rely on throwing kits at clusters of injured people. This slightly allays my fears that using ammo or med boxes would become a quick time event.


The ammo / Medic boxes are dropped like now but the player has to press a button to interact with it to pick up ammo or health - running passed it means simply that., whereas now you auto pick up health/ammo.

There is no animation to apply bandages


In my head there was animations, thats what I took from the launch video, and personally thats what I’d like to see, so you can see whos stopping for ammo/meds. 5/10 seconds depending on what


The animation is for reviving teammates


I know that, its in the videos from launch, but when he was taking about it in the reveal video, I presumed he meant it was for all interactions. Maybe I have picked him up wrong, or it will (hopefully) change after alpha.


it seems like you want ARMA WW2 hammy and this isn’t going to be that


yeah, i don’t see how 5-10 seconds would ever be workable when the playerbase is 30% upwards sniper, that’s jsut forcing players to be bait to satisfy that segment of the playerbase at everyone elses expense.

there’s definitely some middle ground between arma and battlefield that could be good, but neither game wants to be that.


Dont want ARMA WW2 (mods for that if i did), but what Adrock has said. I took it from the reveal video that BFV was going to be a bit more like ARMA in the sense of having to interact with things. Thats is what got me more excited for this than BF1.

For me, that isnt tapping a button as your run by it, needing to stop and do something is more of an interaction. A bit more like repairing in the BF games. You can’t run by a tank, click your repair and run off. Dont see that being unreasonable.

In the reveal video, they said you would need to think when and where to heal/revive. So, healing/reviving uncover, or with some one suppressing fire to the enemy was suggested. If I dreamt that, let me know, but I’m pretty sure that was what was mentioned/implied.


This was not available in the Pre-Alpha - that’s why we didn’t see it. There were a number of features missing.


Loving that Sniper video.

No suppression effect. Thank fuck - that is hugely annoying.

Headshots = Kill. Again - Yes! Nothing more annoying that hitting someone in the face and them not dying.

Liking the blurred crosshair on movement too.

Pistols seem bloody good at range.

Oldskool Jester Sniper may return… :slight_smile:


What was said on the scope glint? Can remember something on it but not exactly what. It used to annoy me because no matter where you where, dark tunnel with very little light and then boom! You light up like a Christmas tree


they had tweaked the angle at witch they are seen.


Trying to think which BF this was Jes? Pretty sure a straight up sniper headshot killed anyone since BF2?

Back to the game - this conversation about tiny details makes me question whether people are actually going to enjoy this or not when it arrives or if we’ll just complain about it for not being exactly what we want it to be - some miracle BF in our minds that tries to simultaneously be new but old but new but ARMAy but BFy but definitely not CODy.

Anyway, end of rant (and call Xander a penis or something)

I really enjoyed Battlefield all the way from 2 to now. They’ve consistently been entertaining MP shooters. I’ve never personally felt they veered too much to Call of Duty tbh, but that’s just my opinion.

The way V is looking, it looks like a lot of support tools are slowing down, if only a little, to prevent medic trains and the like.

I’m probably going to pick it up if its looking good on launch.


…teehee :smiley: