Battlefield V


Info on the Closed Alpha

If you get invited, you can tackle Conquest mode or the Grand Operation Fall of Norway. Taking place on the map Arctic Fjord, Fall of Norway lets you experience two of its in-game “days” and play two of the modes that the Grand Operation strings together: Airborne and Breakthrough.

Playing Airborne, you’ll either paradrop down to the battlefield to deal with enemy artillery, or fight to counter this attack if you’re on the other team. In the frantic fights of Breakthrough, you must capture sectors as an attacker or keep the opposition at bay through on-the-fly planning.

As for Conquest – this is the timeless Battlefield classic where two teams use infantry and vehicular combat to seize a majority control of key control points.


Some footage for you guys!


No NDA on recording for the Alpha then?


Specifically pictures and videos allowed. There are people streaming this at the moment.


BF1 didn’t have a NDA either i think


Fair enough - I suppose Alpha’s are just free advertising these days.


Yes partly that. There are bugs that I already noticed in my 20 minutes. So have to report on the forum, except that they have not given me access to it :slight_smile:


How was the interaction with picking up ammo, getting health etc?


Not that different. There are some animations but those hardly matter.


very cool stuff.

if your expecting arma level of animations no it’s very quick to pick up a ammo pack or med pack

medic revies are quick with the buddy revive being a bit slower


I take it my that comment you mean me. Never have I said I was expecting arma level, I said I was hopefully it would be a bit longer than just running by something and getting healed/armed. Bit of a difference there.

Now, I’ve not watched that video but the few clips I have seen, it’s a lot quick to pick up stuff than I was hoping for but as it has been said this ain’t arma or a military sim. I was just hoping it would have been more, not just tap e as you run by and you’re healed. Would rather it was more like repairing in other battlefields. Rearming I sort of like how it’s done. Actually seeing them pick up a clip is nice.


So played for 44 minutes yesturday. Got pretty pissed off, not impressed. Feels too much like COD.
Could be because it was a 64 player server. When I looked at the footage from E3 the game looked much better and a bit slower paced.


@BlackRaven I take it that its softcore settings?


I don’t think I’ve ever played a Battlefield game that’s been truly fun (on all maps) with 64 players - there are a couple of minor exceptions, but generally, 48 players is the sweetspot.

4 player squads. Booooooooooooooooooo.


Yes. Sniper does not kill with single shot. I even shot one guy in the head and got 99 hitpoints.


Even for softcore thats not good. Though all the alphas/betas ive been have been softcore, seems to be the standard and I can understand that. But sniper head-shots should be kills on any setting.

Agree with 64 player maps, sounds good, ends up a cluster fuck. And 4 man squads is a boooooooo, was hoping they went back to 6 players, but I suppose they keep it at 4 as there is 4 classes now, meant for balance.


Yes well squad join etc was not working so we were on the same side with fl3x but could not squad up.


Not quite sure why we keep calling it “Softcore” it’s the way it’s intended to be played by the devs lol


It is an alpha test so numbers and hit boxes ect are being worked and tweaked as pointed out in the vid there are issues with squad populating , and the game is built and balanced around the ‘NORMAL’ settings as this is the standard mode for matching across all platforms and the most played setting.

Having not played it can’t speak to it being like cod. but that can be very subjective as it’s the first 24h of the alpha and are you in a squad with friends who your on coms with working together?


Because we’re old skool and its what we’ve always called it. It only really change names when they started to be on consoles.