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So i wouldn’t consider TTK that relevant because of the squad/teamplay element. For me, the point is to achieve some degree of collaboration as a squad or team that results in overall success. Because that’s what battlefield brought to multiplayer gaming for me, in a world where team deathmatch was the distant next best thing.

If TTK bothered me, i imagine i would play a different game. Or if for some arbitrary reason it had to be in battlefield, i would probably have to stick a couple of hundred hours into playing as assault. and I’d be bored doing that.

Also, relating back to the ‘realism’ aspect again; because i don’t see this as a realistic game, death is irrelevant, a brief few second break for a drink or a drag and then you’re back. i don’t care if fake videogame me dies, i feel no attachment and i’m comfortable that i’ll die a lot (like, a LOT) and still be able to make a positive contribution.

In terms of rush/conquest, which make up the bulk of what i play, along with operations in bf1, you could win without killing anyone. you can’t win through only killing. while the former is never going to happen, that is the way the game’s balanced. So my focus is on doing what i do to help my team win, rather than on getting kills.

I get that the idea of collaborating as a squad/team isn’t what everyone wants from battlefield, and that that’s just me. But i do think that’s something battlefield specifically tries to add, and something that defines it as not just being another deathmatch shooter. Obviously these days there are a lot more class based team shooters to choose form, but i don’t think that should mean battlefield shouldn’t aim to be a benchmark for that.

At the end of the day if you had to choose, which would people prefer: to come top of a server, but your team loses, or for your team to win regardless of how you do? I’m definitely the latter. I get that there’s loads of middle-ground in between and i’m not proposing otherwise, but if that was the choice, because wanting to be top AND win would be the greed-driven no-concessions option that obviously everyone would choose if it was just a choice, where would people stand?

Jes, you might be too late on bf1; you’d be playing against people who know the weapons, the maps, what’s going to work where. it’s not an Arma learning curve, but every other sniper knows where they want to be and where they want to watch already so it’s got the potential to be frustrating. You could power through that, but i imagine that’d be a bit like me grinding away at assault until i got good at it, and sympathetically i wouldn’t want to inflict that on anyone.

As if to take the piss out of my obvious personal preference for collaboration over competition, I’ve just been informed I’ve received a ‘Working Together: Living Our Values’ award at work.


Congratulations! Does that unlock the ‘More responsibility for no additional pay’ DLC?


i’m afraid it may give me the ‘awkward lunch/tea and cake with a bunch of people i don’t know’ DLC, which is just a reskin of the ‘you’ve been here 10 years, have awkward tea and cake with people you don’t know’ DLC from last year, that i never bothered installing.


oh, and the publicity. nothing like having your name plastered on emails as ‘helpful person’ to draw people into thinking you can help them too.


A lot of post on here because a slightly over weight 35 year old from Northern Ireland still calls a game mode/type softcore because its what he always called it.

Any way, way too much has been posted here since I last posted for me to cover it all, but really, if I call it softcore and not normal does it affect you really? Ever since I’ve played battlefield servers where either know as softcore or hardcore, hence why I still call them that. Was that their official name in the game? Can’t honestly remember, and honestly dont care any more.

In regards to @adrock comments on the difference between SC/HC thats something different. I personally believe the skills require for HC are different to what you believe. For me, you need more to stay alive, where as in SC you needed more to kill. I prefer being able to kill some quicker and learn to stay alive, than learn how to kill someone while not worrying as much about being shot. Just how I roll. Thats not to mention less hud/spotting/etc.

At the end of the day, you play what you like to play and how you like to play. Does it really matter that I call it something i’ve know it as since i’ve been playing the game, no not really.

Anyway, its all buttons fault.



ok by that logic hammy i can call hard core a mode for try hards thats fine ? ok so try hard mode isn’t the focus of testing and marketing for BFV in my day to day life if i have known some one for years and i know something annoys them i try to avoid doing/saying it but thats just me i supposed

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Is that “Softpaw” mode @VirulentPip? :smiley:



so the bit i’m not getting is i don’t see how the skills needed for hardcore aren’t also needed in regular, you still need to stay alive, that still isn’t a given, but the people shooting need to work harder to make sure they get the kill. What do you do/what skills do you apply in hardcore that you think people don’t do in regular?

The point i’m trying to make is if you look at it as the two sides of working to stay alive vs working to get a kill, the first one is the same in both games. avoiding getting shot through movement/cover is just as valid in regular as hardcore, while getting a kill is harder because all your targets have more health. I’m failing to see what balances that out. where is the increase in skill in getting a kill quickly coming from when you’re picking a game mode where your targets all have less health. the skill in terms of aim/ability to control recoil is still the same in both modes, so what am i missing?

to be clear, that’s a genuine question in an attempt to understand your perspective. this relates specifically to my belief that hardcore has a lower skill ceiling, and not any judgement on that modes enjoyability or the character of anyone who chooses to play it. I’ve played a lot of hardcore, though as i’ve explained i play it differently to regular, and different again depending on battlefield (again with the fucking BF4 every-class DMRs being a particular sticking point). I also play plenty of other games that have relatively lower levels of skill, or have a variety of skill levels and i choose to play on lower ones (FIFA, FM, Cities skylines, Civ, Elite Dangerous, KSP). I mention that because i’m trying to be clear this isn’t some elitist 'i play regular battlefield, it requires more skill ’ bullshit, but i believe hardcore battlefield objectively has a lower skill ceiling. And to be clear i don’t mean to detract from the ‘creative’ aspect of stuff like cities skylines, artistic sensibility being subjective and all, i picked it because it’s a game i think is not particularly difficult to succeed in, like FM if you pick a premier league team. Or you can make it challenging for yourself by trying to build a certain way or going for certain aesthetics, the same as if you pick a shitty broke team in FM.

and yes, i made a point relating cities skylines to football manager because i know @Angelclaws likes one and dislikes the other and in the spirit of ‘Working Together’ i thought i’d try and bridge that gap :stuck_out_tongue:

I am aware i am spending more time trying to make sure i’m not being misunderstood and to explain i’m trying to understand alternative perspectives rather than discussing the details of a game that only a single person in this thread has first hand experience of to my knowledge.


I don’t normally comment when ranting (can’t think of a better word) is in full swing and pictures are cutting it.

I like hardcore as it removes certain aspects like the hud and it is easier to get a kill. In BF4 HC mode, it felt like you only needed to shoot someone in the torso, arm, foot to get a kill - maximum 2-3 shots on any part of the body - death was guaranteed. Headshots were a single shot if you had the skill or luck to do it.

I like normal mode as it brings elements to the game that are suppressed in HC mode. The downside, it now takes 4-6 shots to kill someone.

Skill level is applicable on both modes - staying alive is harder in HC, getting a kill in Normal is also harder - both are rewarding

What we all want is a normal mode game with all the bells and whistles, but where accuracy is rewarded (like head shots) with an instant kill.


For me personally, the preference to ‘hardcore’ is not related at all to the ability to play/win the game. I understand your points and from that I can see that it does indeed alter the perception of how games like that are played and maybe, most importantly, the audience or type of player that they attract. Maybe HC attracts more TDM style players that are less interested in teamwork. I hadn’t considered that to be honest.

However, to me - it pure and simply comes to this. If I put 4, 5, 6 bullet into someone… I expect them to die - or at least be incapacitated. I don’t expect them to absorb 30 odd bullets. I know, it’s a game. I know, there is artist license. But it is also a game based on some physics and logic. The rest of the game - and there is a lot of it, I consider (maybe wrongly) very similar.

With all that being said, I’m in total respect of everyone’s opinion, and I hope everyone else respects each others too. Whilst this thread has been heated, it’s not horrific. Two differing opinions. That’s all - we’re all adults.


What Mic said (did I just say that?) Skills are required for both modes, I see the skills require for hardcore more than non-hardcore/softcore/normal. Others may not. I personally enjoy HC more, as I feel its more challenging, for the reason Jes has mention above. If someone else here doesn’t agree with what I think, so be it. We are all adults, we can disagree on things.




damn you now i have had to read this thread :joy::joy:

right everyone take a breath and step away from the keyboards.

i’ve only read the last few hours of posts, but it seems the problem is the terminology. I remember playing and looking for servers and it being HC or SC. Surely for some of us oldies, we refer to regular as SC because thats what has been ingrained into our brains from years of playing - i know i call regular SC. No offence is meant to those that prefer regular its just how i remember it. i have a lot going on, i cant always sit and think of the “PC” terminology, and tbh im normally tipsy when we play :wink:

For me personally i just hate shooting someone and then them not dying, i also dont like the maps that are in the corner of the screen, so i choose to play of HC. my choice, my preference.


You’ve pointed out that fire control is a skill that becomes much more relevant in softcore than in hardcore, and I agree it does - is that the only place where you feel the skill ceiling is higher?

I ask because my point about TTK, which was not a whinge about KD/R, was that in Hardcore you can absorb far less damage before you need to respawn. Being more delicate in Hardcore means you have to move around the map in a more considered way in my experience.

Does being more fragile and not being able to regenerate health not force you to consider your movement around the map more? Is this not something that requires a higher level of skill?

Hopefully a better way of explaining what I mean: I can’t attack an objective I’m killed before I reach just the same way I can’t defend an objective I’m killed at in the opening salvo. Both sides need to do a better job of keeping their heads down if their heads are made of Papier-mâché.

  • Normal makes it harder to kill stuff so you have to be better at killing stuff.
  • Hardcore make it easier to kill stuff so you have to better at not being the stuff that is killed.

As always, Everyone elses mileage may vary.


As a public service, this may also be worth pointing out for those getting pissed off with the thread:



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