Battlefield V


having played some BF4 and BF1 this morning/afternoon with headshot and kill markers set to diffrtent colours and watching my stats i did see the headshot marker come as i was getting kills with the shots this was on normal by the way.

my main gripe with the topic has been when a point is brought up some people are arguing a point and when countered they ignore that and move on to invalidate the conversation it’s infuriating and should happen.

They likely hood i end up on a server with many ziipsters any was is low any way so that is that


Back to BFV. So too CODish for me and too fast aka I’m getting old!


my main gripe with the topic has been when a point is brought up some people are arguing a point and when countered they ignore that and move on to invalidate the conversation it’s infuriating and should happen.

6 of one, half a dozen of the other.

You think others in the thread aren’t seeing how they’re behaving while not seeing how you’re behaving.

Feels hypocritical saying that since I’m just reusing the words n0tch sent to me when I decided to behave the way I did last year, but it is as true now as it was then - though I’d say I was far and above more obnoxious back then than you’ve been.

They likely hood i end up on a server with many ziipsters any was is low any way so that is that

You’ve said that twice now. If you’re trying to say you don’t want to play with some of ZiiP, just say that. You’ve otherwise made your point.


IM A CUNT apparently


I agree there’s skill in both, my point is that there’s more to be good at in regular. the stuff you do to stay alive in hardcore is the same as you do to stay alive in softcore. it might be harder in hardcore to actually stay alive, but all the things you can do to stay alive are the same, there’s no extra difficulty beyond the fact you have less health. hence my belief it has a lower skill ceiling (that is, how good you can get at all the different parts of the game or ways of playing it).

Let me try re-phrasing my question: what skill do you employ in hardcore that you can’t in softcore? It’s definitely harder to stay alive because you have less health, but that doesn’t mean there’s any additional skill in staying alive because you can only do the same things/use the same skills as in regular to try to.

i specifically don’t want the last part with the instant kill headshots; i want it to be harder to get a kill, and more rewarding to play the objectives. Not attempting to be argumentative, just clear.

Exactly that.

not wrongly, just differently to some others :slight_smile: on that, as you’ve stated, it’s down to personal preference. For me, division, and i guess borderlands 2, are above my threshold for that sort of contrivance, while stuff like overwatch is fine, and battlefield’s way further down that scale.

I’m fine with personal preference and people playing what they enjoy, that was never really what was being debated surely? If you prefer playing a certain way and employing those skills no one has an issue with that. I’m trying to understand the opposition to my personal belief that hardcore has a lower skill ceiling because there’s more to do and be skillful at in regular.

I’m trying to understand where the argument for there being *additional skill to hardcore comes from. You can play it differently, that’s fine, but that’s not a different skill. You can use different skills, but what skills can you use in hardcore that you can’t use in regular?

As a direct example I don’t use the minimap at all, and with my current setup it’s too far over in my peripheral vision. I could, and learning to do so would be some degree of skill, that i could do until i get good at doing it. That isn’t an option in hardcore, so what skills could i employ in hardcore that I can’t in regular?

i typed the above before you responded, but no, i feel there’s stuff you can do in regular that’s removed from hardcore and nothing added to hardcore.

Right, so while you can chose to move around in a more considered way, you could also do that in regular, and it would still increase your chances of survival, so what skill comes into play in hardcore that isn’t in regular, or is it that you feel the extra health lowers the skill ceiling in regular for that? If so, my point is that as it’s the same maps, same cover, and same movement system, i don’t feel there’s any additional skill in doing it in hardcore. if you play both modes the same way with the same skill, it’s the lower health that leaves you more likely to die? It might be more rewarding in hardcore to play more cautiously, but that doesn’t mean there’s more skill to playing that way than in regular.

So you say ‘you have to’, but you don’t? Specifically, in hardcore i change up my gear to be better at killing, in softcore i aim for support and suppression (suppressing fire, distribute meds, incendiary grenades). You can choose either way, and while it might be more rewarding to play one way or the other in either mode, that’s the part i think comes down to, or helps determine, personal preference. I don’t see how that relates to the level of skill though.

And the last part on 'you have to be better at not being stuff that is killed; what skill do you employ to do that, and how is that skill not also relevant to regular?

Maybe another re-phrasing: I feel the focus on certain skills in hardcore comes at the expense of having fewer skills be relevant?

I’m trying to avoid getting into talking about specific skills because i don’t think anyone wants to get into arguing how good you can get at target aquisition vs recoil control and which comes into play more between classes and maps, let alone game modes, so apologies if anyone thinks i’m over generalising in that respect.

There’s some people trying to have a discussion and understand one another’s perspectives, and some people who appear to have gotten defensive about the fact some people don’t think what they think and respond with the statement that they have a feeling or personal preference and agree to disagree like there’s no more to be discussed, which is a fat turd of a contribution.

Like, if i was asking an opinion on what colour to paint an accent wall to compliment the floor or curtains in my living room, with respect to where the window and lights are, I’m looking for an honest opinion on that, not ‘i like purple, you might not, but i do’. If you don’t have a constructive opinion on what colour i should paint the wall, then just say ‘i don’t care about that stuff’ or ‘i don’t know’, no one asked ‘what is the best colour’.


i didn’t catch my mistype there should have been ’ and shouldn’t happen’

but im with adrock on this


You actually couldn’t have made my point for me any better.

I have an opinion and I’m a baiter and troll and if I disagree with you I’m attacking you.


I can only understand your argument so far @adrock, in that I haven’t played much Normal mode, and that when I have done, I haven’t done so with the mindset of not playing on Hardcore. Until I do that, I have no data (data as opinion, in my mind) as to which is better/prefered.

It may well be the case that Normal offers a better BF experience these days over Hardcore, when played with a different style of play.

Will be interesting to experiment and find out. I might enjoy it more. I might not. But at least I’ll have experienced both side of the coin.


Sorry @adrock too many words, too late in the day.

I constructively disagree with your statement about the instant kill for a headshot. This is the only time an instant kill is warranted. A chest shot should be two due to any armour they could be carrying.

Headshots are incredible difficult to achieve which needs a skill level for bullet drop, movement, wind etc.


Is Saturday Night shaping up to be a BF1 evening? Playing Operations, which I think has a new mode?


a smaller variant on operations that uses alot of maps that didn’t have a operation variant the first go around and they are only one map long instead of the two map variant.


Jesus fucking wept

I’m doing what Vred suggested, and referring to what I posted before about this game.

Seems we’re all in a tizzy about what BF should be, what we prefer etc etc. and getting all heated up about it.


Great summing up Xander! :smiley:

Anyone up for BF1 tomorrow? currently in London so wont be on this evening.


Lets all just focus on what BF:V will HAVE/HAS… (That we know of) also… Hugz for all.


Just saying…

this is a hardcore game Rising Storm:Vietnam (added new poll - please vote - 22//0618)


Now this is a cool addition to BFV


sorry Mic, you disagree that:


I can assure you, that is exactly how i feel :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s just my little in-joke to those of us tracking the logical fallacies vs false premises in this thread :smiley:

you can’t constructively disagree without offering something constructive, but i think you were overwhelmed by my amazing wordsplurge, and maybe just meant ‘respectfully’ disagree?

Having watched xander go 93 for 4 in regular bf1 with a rifle that in his own words he ‘wasn’t getting on with’, i don’t feel there’s any issue with the ability to kill people in regular. The skill ceiling is there if you want to practice and get better.

And the only thing I’m hot for is the discussion, and the insight/understanding it gives me into other people and their perspectives.

Pip you tease, please confirm for me that there are hug emotes in bfv.

God dammit now you’re switching context, like that’s not going to confuse the issue further! Instead of ‘i like purple’ you’ve gone full ‘you should get orange cladding on the entire exterior’.


Fuk me I gave up keeping tabs on this post.

I prefer HC.
I dont mind SC
I like Teamplay.

I Luv ZiiP.

This is an alpha, much changeyness to come. Now the beer.


OMG Reno that’ll save my life more often than I care to imagine LOL


Yup, i like that. Suppose it’ll depend to an extent on the actual level design how useful it is, but i like the idea.