Battlefield V


Really nice read, and so true…

In Battlefield V, Grand Operations has been expanded into a unique concept that strings together a series of battles on the same map, over a number of in-game days. Each day’s battle affects the next. So if, say, your team destroys all of the enemy’s artillery with plenty of lives to spare, you’ll have more war resources to bring to bear in the next match. But the most important change I’ve seen is the introduction of different game types in this series of matches. When I played the alpha version of the game on the Norvik map, my team was tasked with a classic mode of flag capture. But when the day ended and the second match began, we suddenly found ourselves in airplanes at night, parachuting below to search for and destroy a number of artillery pieces. In this moment Battlefield felt like an entirely new game. (We only got to check out Grand Operations on one map, so the final version of the game could have more surprise game modes.)


Not normally a fan of Westie but thought this was quite a rounded 1st impression…

first 45 seconds shows the flying bomb in action…


have to say after reading some stuff on the battlefield subreddit and seeing some tweets out there they are listing to the feedback being put out there a lot of the devs are on twitter answering Questions it’s pretty cool. \They hav been addressing feedback in relation to the medic revive and icons and the like.


What’s been asked about this Reno?


there were complaints that medics were getting killed to often due to being stuck in part of the animation. DICE are looking into an issue were there is a delay from finishing the action to having free movement again.


Can understand that. Hope they don’t take it out fully


nahh some one was saying that want it out but the same dev reply saying that it’s staying and they are working on finding the right balance for it


I think the animation was a bit longer on purpose. Could be a bit shorter, but if there is proper teamplay then medics should be covered by other pleople. They are trying to promote teamplay with a lot of the changes.


is the ability to drag teammates in the alpha? as i rember that being something that would alleviate that, drag the down guy to safety then revive


Not sure, have not had the chance to do that.


I think the main problem is getting used to a new way of playing and trying to impose their normal style of play on a game that is trying to go in a different direction.

I have been listening to some Youtubers that are “frightened” of change as they need to adapt rather than, like in their videos and what they say, want the game to go back to what they know.

I am all for the change. I agree with Hammy that there should be more interaction/timer where you apply a bandage (takes 2-5 seconds) rather than auto gen. I like the ammo as you see them grab a pack.

I really can’t wait to give this game a bash.


Love this guy… makes me laugh cos he reminds me of ME!


Might get a chance to play this next weekend - how long is the alpha out does anyone know? Been a battlefield fan since bc2 - used to love Rush on Valparaiso!


Alpha has closed according to the below:

AMD has won this battle, and Nvidia is going to have to step up its Battlefield 5 optimisations if it wants to win the war. In our testing the RX 580 massively outperforms the supposedly equivalent GTX 1060, despite BF5 now being a bought and paid for GeForce game.

Another review about suppression and random bullet deviation.

A large part of this, I think, is down to the significant changes to Battlefield 1’s reliance on random bullet deviation. Battlefield 1 already featured some of the additional weight I’ve been hoping for from the series, but much of that was marred by the inclusion of random chance into your shooting. As the term random bullet deviation suggests, it was all about where bullets would end up placed: maybe one in five bullets fired would end up a little bit shy of where you were actually aiming. When under enemy fire your aim would get worse still with more bullet deviation and recoil, a key part of BF1’s suppression mechanic.


** RUMOUR **

According to Reddit user turntrout101, the in-game home menu for Battlefield 1 has an article confirming that Conquest, Domination, Frontlines, Team Deathmatch and Breakthrough will be available at Battlefield 5’s launch. Three yet-to-be-revealed modes are included but these will apparently be “brand new” to the series. Also, it seems that modes like Final Stand and Airborne will exist within Grand Operations only.


Bit off topic, but relates to previous discussion. I installed BF1 a week ago - but only just been able to have a blast.

BF1, as it is now, is nothing like BF3/4 of previous. I see that now. I see that there isn’t really a ‘normal’ mode and a ‘hardcore’ mode - there are lots of variables that you can define between the two.

I played on an official server, so everything was vanilla or normal. Didn’t know the map, was on a ship/sub dock.

Really really good fun. pace was fast, but not excessive. Played medic - slightly annoying that some people choose to insta-spawn… but also got some nice key revives.

Normal mode in BF1 feels utterly different to Normal in BF3. So I feel my point still stands regarding HC in that. But in BF1, Normal didn’t equal bulletsponges like I thought it would.

So, opinion changed. If BF V follows BF1’s style - it should be very very good. imho.


glad you’ve enjoyed it, we should squad sometime.


Always up for some BF1 action.

I believe the TTK for BF5 is slightly less bullets for a kill than in BF1


After reaching out to EA/DICE for comment, Battlefield UX designer Nathalie Ek has since said the following: “I just want to calm people down a little bit. The “auto spotting” in BFV was, unfortunately, a bug that made its way into the Alpha build. We don’t want people to “play the UI” which is why adding auto spotting would be like shooting ourselves in the foot. I’m sorry for the confusion this might have caused, but it’s great knowing the community notice these things and feedback on it! Keep it up! Thank you!”