Battlefield V


In case you cant be arsed to read the post


Open BETA set to land in September:



So the closed alpha 2 is starting. Will do some gaming tonight and try to put a video up as well.


So many emotions reading this thread…


theses a glimps of royal mode in there

Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti is approaching

Hot damn their marketing team know how to edit a video! :smiley:

From that short glimpse, it looks like the ‘royale’ mode is a much smaller scale affair that crazy, wide open expanses of terrain.

This title and Anthem would probably make me get a new GPU.


Yeah its even got me thinking of buying back into the BF series…maybe…


Don’t. Wait for the beta. I absolutely hated both of the alphas. Not even going to bother uploading the video from the second one.


Battlefield V’s open beta will kick off on September 4 for those who pre-order and/or are subscribers of EA’s services, while everyone else will get access to it on September 6 on all platforms. The open beta will feature the new Rotterdam map for Conquest, as well as the Arctic Fjord map for both Conquest and Grand Operations. Pre-loading the open beta starts on September 3.


Just reading this has now been delayed by 4 weeks.

Looks like its delayed until 20th November


By this, I mean full game now the beta


Originally due on October 19, Battlefield 5 has been delayed by just under five weeks. EA’s latest war-torn shooter is now expected on November 20.



Pre load of this tonight, I think I get to play it tomorrow as i’ve that ea origin subscription thing


Ooo I’ll be preloading this on PS4 when I get the chance, available to do so now I think.


I tried to find on Origin but it seems the open beta isn’t out yet? I don’t have the fancy subscrition thing though … also Monster Hunter is consuming my time. Not sure how much spare time I even have.


I’m going to give this a try but honest dont know if this is my type of game any more. Prefer games with a bit of story or end game rather than match type/style games now


i get the same and i do have the fancy subscription; i’m assuming it’ll not show up until the pre-load’s available or something similar.

I’ve lowered my expectations for the beta a lot in line with previous alpha/beta experience.


Goes open open on Thursday.