Battlefield V


13gb download, just under 15 gb install


I will install/play Saturday due to working away from home these days


Well fuck me! There are some load of options in the game settings :open_mouth:

Also, you save save custom server filters, which is nice. Not fired up a game yet, I have stuff to do, but I’m in anyway :slight_smile:


I have the fancy sub to EA, but can’t see any mention of the beta. TBH I haven’t looked that hard.


Go into the “store” section, go to BFV, then select “try it now” to get the Beta.


Have I told you lately that I love you?


2 rounds it. Feels like a bf game with some small differences. As usual noone playing the objective and loads of snipers. No one reviving.


3rd game was better. Still feels like pretty much every other bf game. Do like the squad revive. Takes longer than the medic but works. Time it takes is about right. Picking up ammo and med packs, apart from a little animation on picking them up they are pretty much the same. Health over time is still there because of the settings, though does take longer than I remember to kick in which is nice, still prefer it not to be in it at all. Game play itself seems solid for a beta, but its not ground break or anything new. Map I’ve played is nice, and seems well made but again, my squad just did their own thing.

Will give this another go some night with a few of you, but 1st impression is its like BF1, with some small changes. Dont know if its enough for me to get it on release.


Hopefully il be set for some play of this over weekend, maybe Friday evening.Probably Saturday evening as well.


Might be on Friday night, Saturday is a no go as i’m off to the football.


Latest video regarding content and the release schedule;


I think I am in London on Friday so will be Saturday evening


Many playing the beta? Could hop on for a game or two if we get a squad going


I shall defo be on Friday. Downloaded it last night so ready to go. Might jump on this evening to give it a whirl


Got it downloaded. Going away to Brands Hatch for the weekend. Typical. Although I will be having fun.


I may be on this evening!


Have to say, been really enjoying this. A little bit bored already with the Narvik map but was still quite enjoyable on Grand operations. Rotterdam good fun on Conquest. Reminds me a bit of Seine crossing.

Has the opportunity to play a few rounds with @MicJules @Hammy @RoGuE @BlackRaven @fl3xxxo @MadMan @morphine04 and Clovenhoof. The more I played more I enjoyed.

I have pretty much been maxin out Assault, starting with the STG44 I found it a bit hard to control on full auto. But I think that is the point, the more I played, I chose my upgrade path to more accuracy and now find after a good few hours I have a better control and tighter grouping of shots.

@Zorndar jumped on to Discord to ask about the game and asked me if it was like BB2, which my first reply was no. But on refelection, I now think it is. Possiby becuase of level of destruction but I also feel the weapons handle similarly.

All in all. Like the new health mechanics, ammo, spotting and fortification building. Not a fan of the “team up” function. Its terrible and not intuitive, 4 Man squads suck! Few bugs which I am sure they will iron out, and thank god advanced happyness controls “hide chat” exists.


After talking to Scotty I tried starting the download on Origin. I forgot why I hated this piece of garbadge software.

  • tried starting the open beta download, nope this game is not available in your country … what? Why?

  • after some googling, seems like its a wrong error message, should be available but Origin doesnt seems to like it. After some VPN magic I got it in my library, tried downloading. 800 kB/s, you must be kidding me. Without the VPN mind you!

  • Went to bed as it wars 3am, thought I do it today morning, less people on should be quicker, started Origin, Origin ate a brick, didn’t even get a connection to its server. Googled again, only fix was a reinstall.

  • Origin starts, shows some PR bullshit “Origin is well optimised, downloads are really really fast” really? Lets see about that, so far its a terrible experience. Starting download and now my connection speed varies between 80kB/s and 300kB/s.

In short fuck Origin, with Steam I get a constant 10MB/s. With some luck I see you still today, in around 8-10h. What a bloody joke of a software.


I enjoyed my short game time on BF V but the “buddy system” is shocking. The 4 man squad is also appalling but the game played well.

I enjoyed the limited ammo, health, the animation of picking up ammo/bandages was also welcome. Snipers as usual was annoying but the maps were fluid, plenty of exits so no bottlenecks. Lack of nades was a high point and the timer on the medical and Ammo points was also good to stop people hogging and spamming nades.

I have not really explored the upgrades you can make to your weapons using in-game currencies but I am not sure I agree with it. Buy to improve accuracy etc…

I need to play more - not sure when it ends but would be great with a few ZiiPs on.


Ends tomorrow Mic