Battlefield V


and getting half your team lying prone on the wings providing suppressing fire!

also loop the loops in fighter bombers where the rear gunner jumps at the top so he can drop stuff and hopping back in as the plane levels out beneath you.

and moving the ships and manning their guns.

Good Times. So yeah, I’d be fine with a remake of 1942 done right.


And thats the whole question right there


One reason I didn’t like bf1 was the whole people on top of the blimps shooting. I know it’s a game but come On, stop that shit! This ain’t cod


I’ve only encountered that a couple of times, both in the italian map; the blimps take a lot of fire and you’re probably not much use that far from the objectives. Also there aren’t that many blimps, as most of the additional maps have different mechanics in place of them, like the trains, boats, or endless sentry kits that are just one of the shitty things about russia.

It’s not perfect, but it’s better than its predecessors. having one of the worst maps as the beta did it no favours.


You and Scott have been sung the praises of BF1. I didn’t get on with it… well… certain maps. The one that is like dense forest with a train in the middle… hate it. Just get shot from trees. The one that is like a Châteaux ( I bet the map is called châteaux) is really good in comparison. As is the one where there is a church and town in the middle of scorched earth from all the bombing.

Might give it another look. Off-topic: What’s the DLC like?


Another fantasy battleground they could adopt, based on WW2… is what would happen if it ended in a stalemate.

I know there have been games/films/books about the future if the Nazis had won WW2 - they are all pretty obvious. But what would have happened if it was drawn out? What if Rommel hadn’t gone home for a Birthday party on D-day and he’d repelled the landings? What if the German panzer used were where they should have been and not defending a fake landing point?

If you consider that technology was at a rapid pace during the mid to late 40s and into the 50s… The German’s had built the me262 which being the first jet fighter was an absolute game-changer if they are the ability to build them on masse (and have enough pilots) - There was other tech too coming to the forefront… Russia tanks etc.

I’d like to see a game where Europe is in stalemate with 1950-60s tech and an educated guess as to how each side would have developed. That’d be interesting to play…


Aw man, that’s a shame, because i love Ardennes Forest, and you rarely get it because it’s the map after the one with the palace/chateau. I think. There’s also a ruined castle in at least one of the italian maps, and For Attention Of Fortress in the desert is a decent fortification.

Like all previous battlefields, it’s possible for a map to get deadlocked with one team dominating the other, which is frustrating but certainly nothing new.

Unlike BF4 being a medic is worth a damn (but not the easy mode of BF3, where the cooldown is like 10-12 seconds), but i hear there are other classes that some people like to play. Having a full squad makes it much easier to have an impact and it feels like (though i only play 1 class so i can’t be sure) that the roles are more defined and you need balance to make things work, which i think had diminished somewhat in BF4 (fuck you shitty ass revive mechanic and every class having DMRs).

DLC is a bit mixed, some very solid maps, some that are almost Krait-bad (but we won’t start on battlefront 2, because we simply don’t have the time). The newer game modes seem to have been very flash in the pan and servers are often empty, but the Operations are where it’s at and they seem to get populated based on whatever the weekly/fortnightly challenge is. The DLC (I think it’s the DLC?) does get you a few odds and ends like the Assault Tank (clearly the best tank). We’ve had a few rounds that rival a good battle in PVP; holding an enemy on the first point for three rounds (two zeppellins) in the rubble that started as a church an hour ago, holding the church ruins on that map where i like holding the church ruins at B but A always drops instantly (I don’t remember map names well).

It’s battlefield; it’ll be frustrating, sometimes rage-inducing, and demonstrate all it’s flaws given time, but that’s the same with ALL the battlefields, it’s just got slicker movement and looks prettier. And better squadplay than BF4, imho.


Im still calling a curve ball here. I am not convinced it is WW2. Certainly not as we know it, or knew it.

The same twitter feed satted this in the lead up just yesterday I think as part of the V tweets tease.

  1. A New Battlefield in a New Setting. It’s a brand-new experience and still everything you love about Battlefield – where every fight is different and brought to life across unexpected theaters of war.

Surely WW2 does not represent a “New Setting” and “unexpected theaters of war”

B2143 in a UK V German future war. hmmm




Ok. So totally forgot about the Norther Strike expansion pack for 2142. Was actually set in 2145 and based very much in Germany.
Bridge at Remagen map, Liberation of Liepzig and Port Bavaria.

Im stilling holding on for possibly actually BF2146 Where the Germans have broken ranks with the EU forces as a new battle rages through Europe for supremacy!!

Please Please Please.


I’m so out of date. Last Battlefield I played was 2142…


Couple of things about the video:

  • As pointed out the flags are a Union Jack and an Iron Cross. Not exactly concrete and not the only place an Iron cross is used for Germany but it is a go-to for games avoiding the Swastika
  • The soldier is apparently wearing a WW2 German Paratrooper uniform
  • The video shows what looks like a recreation of the Saving Private Ryan scene with the German soldier stabbing Melish in the chest in the pretty excrutiating and graphic scene during the last battle

Some other stuff knocking around about the sounds of the battle in the background sounding very much like artillery and cannons rather than the distinct noises all of the weapons made in 2142 - not sure I subscribe to this because they could have just been selective with the sounds because a fucking railgun sound effect would have killed the mystery instantly.

I’ll see where they go with this, but excitement is turned to 4 for me right now.



Those points were my initial conclusions too @vredesbyrd, - and immediately thought of the scene from SPR. But then speaking to @Scottyboy… could it be a big ruse? Are EA that clever? Is it a curve-ball to something completely different?

No, probably not.

The other things that points to WW2 is the use of V… obviously 5 in Roman numerals, but also V for victory, VE days etc etc… all plays into a marketing plan.

If it was 1943 with Lancaster bombers that you could fly with a crew… I’d be pretty happy.


Yeah my hopes of future wars are fading. Some boy highlighted the exact model of german paratrooper googles and the camoflage bejng worn as german blah blah blah pattern. But im still hoping for surprise. As again their official tweet doesnt really fit with WW2 being new for them. Either way im totally on the hype train and I think now id be quite excited for some good ole ww2 action.


A Steampunk WWII ??? Now I think that would be interesting.


How about Battlefield 5 is based not on 1, not 2, or 3,4 but 5 Different periods?

BF2142 Future war.

How awesome.


The hair-removal wars of the 1880s were some of the roughest in history. General Razor showed his worth though…


War is hell:


You’ve probably all got the same email as I did…

Stream is live.


Am on there man. 70,000 people watching a count down.